(Video) Caprice Reacts To Homeless Woman Claiming Ebit Lew Abandoned Her Family


Looks like another person is putting Ebit Lew on blast! A local woman who goes by the name Nur Dalisyah Dalisyah took to Facebook this week to call him out for “breaking his promise”.

In the post, the woman claimed that the Muslim preacher had helped her poor family rent a house. He also apparently promised to help cover their rental fee, as well as their utility bills. She feels cheated now that the privilege has been revoked.

Source: Facebook

However, things has taken a turn for the worse. “We were kicked out by the landlord, because he (Ustaz Ebit) failed to pay the rent on time,” Nur Dalisyah wrote in the FB group “B40 Buat Apa Hari Ini”. As a result, she and her family are now living on the streets.

Additionally, the individual also shut down the claims that her family have been receiving RM2,000 in cash aid as well as kitchen utensils from Ebit. “We didn’t receive anything from Ustaz Ebit Lew. Back then, he promised us that as long as he’s alive, he’ll cover our rental fee, water and electricity bills,” she explained.

Source: Facebook

That said, many netizens didn’t react to kindly to Nur Dalisyah’s cry for help. Many slammed her for depending on others instead of working to provide income for herself. Even Caprice also echoed the same sentiment. Taking to his Instagram to address the issue, the outspoken celeb advised the lady to be independent.

“I’ve received tons of DMs from the internet community about Ebit Lew. I have to be fair. Whatever that’s been promised between him and the homeless family, let’s just keep it between them. Nonetheless, what I’m trying to say is that if you’re capable of walking, using your hands, reading and even scrolling through Facebook, why don’t you try and find a job, instead of relying on others to help you,” the “Xde Hal Bro” star commented.

It appears that Caprice also threw some subtle shade at the controversy involving Ebit previously. “We have to learn from Mondy. He met her on the streets, homeless. After that, they started selling sambal on TikTok. Eventually, she was able to stand on her own feet, and she’s now operating her own tattoo shop. That’s genius. Do you understand?”

Sources: Facebook, Instagram.

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