(Video) FoodPanda Walker Brought To Tears When Influencer Gifted Him A New Bicycle


If you’ve been following Adrian Edy on his social media, then you’d definitely be familiar with his generous efforts in helping those in need as seen in his postings. Recently, the Sabahan influencer shared a video of him surprising a FoodPanda rider with a brand new bicycle. The heartwarming video has amassed over 232k views on TikTok.

After his video went viral on social media, Edy (real name Siaw Chee Hua) made an appearance in an exclusive interview with mStar where he talked about his encounter with the man. According to him, he heard about the deliveryman walking up to seven kilometers to deliver food to one of his customers.


Hadiahkan basikal buat Abang Khai, Foodpanda pejalan kaki yang viral di tiktok, dia memang lama sudah niat mahu beli basikal tapi belum mampu, asal Semporna Sabah. Ayah abang Khai sudah meninggal dunia sejak dia berumur 12 tahun. Mengalir air mata bila dia dapat basikal baru 😭 #fyp #adrianedy

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“The customer was shocked after finding out that he had walked all the way because the restaurant is quite a distance from the hotel, within six to seven kilometers. They recorded a video of him because they felt bad for him. A lot of people tagged me in the comments, asking me to search for him. After a week of searching, I finally found him,” Edy revealed.

The 25-year-old added, “His name is Khairudin, or Khai. He’s 23 years old. He’s from Semporna, but he’s currently working in Kota Kinabalu. He’s been working as a FoodPanda Walker for the past five months to support his family. His father had passed away when he was 12. He’s renting a room for RM380 per month in Kota Kinabalu. Every month, he sends money to his mom and his younger siblings in Semporna.”

Prior to meeting Khai, Edy also asked him if he had a driving license, as he initially wanted to gift him a motorbike. “I asked him, ‘Do you know how to ride a motorcycle? Do you have a license?’ But he just told me to give him a bicycle instead. He said he’s not sure when is he getting his driver’s license. Besides, getting a license is expensive,” the TikToker was quoted as saying.

“He sends most of his earnings to his mom every week. Not only that, he’s also actually saving up to buy a motorcycle. He walks to work every day from 8am to 9pm. If the location is too far away, he’ll have to book a Grab ride to get to the customer’s house,” Edy added in the chat. As seen in the video posted by Edy on his socials, the FoodPanda rider was moved to tears after receiving the gift from the kind-hearted man.



Hadiahkan basikal buat panda walker , abang Khairudin. Doakan ya moga abang Khairudin terus kuat untuk cari rezeki di luar sana untuk bantu ahli keluarga ❤️ #fyp #adrianedy

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Kudos to Adrian for taking the initiative to help the community. 🙂

Sources: mStar, TikTok.

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