(Video) Henry Cavill & Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso Are Expecting Their First Baby!


In recent months, a surge of local celebrities have joyously revealed the imminent arrival of their bundles of joy. While this celeb is not local, he’s definitely happy to share this news with fans. You guessed it right, our beloved Superman is about to be a Super Dad soon!

During a recent premiere of “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”, Henry Cavill, the renowned actor who is known for his roles in blockbuster hits such as “The Witcher” and “Man Of Steel”, shared some heartwarming news. The British heartthrob confirmed that he and his girlfriend of three years, Natalie Viscuso, are expecting their first child together. 

Source: TWITTER/ @mrcavill

“Natalie and I are both very excited about it. I’m sure you’ll see much more of that,” the “Enola Holmes” actor shared during an interview with Access Hollywood. The 40-year-old also added how his parents are a huge inspiration when it comes to parenthood and the sole reason why he is excited to become a father. 

Henry Cavill’s revelation came as a delightful surprise to fans and media alike, who were eagerly awaiting news of his personal life. Surely, such joyous news also garnered multiple reactions from the public with fans mostly wishing to be in Natalie Viscuso’s shoes.

His fans on Twitter jokingly tweeted “That was supposed to be me” followed by crying gifs attached below it. Another netizen responded by turning the entire comment section into a meme where the user tweeted, “All the ladies in the comments” and included an anime meme of Akutagawa of Bungou Stray Dogs crying with the words, “Why not me?”. 

Source: Twitter

The couple was first spotted together in April 2021, sparking rumours of a budding romance. Initially, the two chose to maintain a low profile, choosing to keep the relationship out of the public eye. However, the news made its way online and it did not sit well with his fans it angered some of them too to the extent his fans harassed Natalie Viscuso online. The matter led to Henry Cavill himself speaking out against the fans and eventually, the hate died down. 

This time around, his fans weren’t serious compared to the early days when the two went public with their relationship. Yet, it is undeniable that many of his fans still wished to have a dashing partner such as Henry Cavill himself since he was literally sculpted by the Roman gods.

Source: TWITTER (@updatesofHC)

On top of that, just yesterday (15th April), Henry Cavill was spotted walking hand-in-hand with Natalie Viscuso for their date night in New York City. In the video, the soon-to-be mother was seen sporting a stunning black dress which hugged her cute baby bump!

Check out this video by @/paulandrew_nyc on Instagram:

Source: Access Hollywood.

Ariani Soraya contributed to this article.

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