(Video) Indian Man Beheads Sister Over Her Relationship; Walks Around With Her Severed Head


Family disputes can happen over anything, from money to relationships – but never have we seen such a horrible act committed over who a sibling chooses to love. In the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh in New Delhi, India, a heated argument between two siblings escalated and ended in the tragic loss of a young life.

The tragic incident started with a disagreement over 18-year-old Aashifa’s relationship with a man from the same village, Chand Babu. Despite being of the same caste and religion, her family disapproved of the relationship, especially her brother, 22-year-old Riyaz. The two would reportedly often get into heated arguments about the victim’s relationship with her partner.


Several days before her tragic murder, the victim had eloped with her partner. Aashifa’s family then filed a complaint over Chand’s action, which ended with Aashifa returning home as well as the arrest of her partner. After the victim returned to her family home, tensions between her and her brother escalated. Fueled by rage, Riyaz then committed the heinous act of killing his sister with a sharp weapon.

Unfortunately, the gruesome act continued with Riyaz then beheading his sister. After his brutal act, the 22-year-old placed his sister’s severed head in a plastic bag and took it around the neighbourhood. Community members witnessed the horrific scene and promptly reported Riyaz to the police, who arrested him soon after. 

The authorities then proceeded to the victim’s home and took custody of her lifeless body for a postmortem examination. The motive and circumstances of the murder are still under investigation, with a case registered against Riyaz for his crime. Meanwhile, horrific footage of Riyaz walking with a blood-soaked bag surfaced online, shocking the public and sparking a debate over the lengths men would go to control the women in their families.


What happened to Aashifa was a tragedy, and we hope the accused will be punished accordingly for his crimes.

Watch the news report of the incident below (This video contains sensitive content. Viewer discretion is advised): 

YouTube video

Sources: Free Press Journal India, Twitter

Adleena contributed to this article.

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