(Video) Janna Nick On Her Worst Bipolar Episode: “My Brain Told Me To K*ll People”


Things have been going pretty well for actress-singer Janna Nick as she recently got married to her long-time lover actor Dini Schatzmann and even revealed that the two of them have made plans on having a baby.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses in her daily life. The actress broke down during a recent live stream on TikTok where she also shared more details about her bipolar disorder. Here’s what she said:


Fans of the Malaysian star are all familiar with her diagnosis as she has been open about her struggles with the mental disorder during past interviews. During a TikTok live stream yesterday (Thursday, 20th July), Janna was seen crying in a car while talking about what she described as the worse bipolar episode she’s ever experienced.

“It really hurts. There’s just too much noise in my head. I’m doing this Live to create awareness cause there’s still this stigma that people with mental disorders want attention and are faking it but I’m telling you that this is all very real and really bad,” she said. The “Juang” star then went on to share her hectic work schedule which probably contributed to the stress she’s been experiencing lately.

One night in her hotel room, the singer shared how she was struggling to fall asleep as she was battling with disturbing thoughts that suddenly came to mind. “My brain suddenly just went and taught me how to commit murder and hide the evidence and I was so exhausted but I couldn’t sleep because of these thoughts in my head,” she said while fighting back tears.


Janna ended her broadcast by reminding her fans that mental illness should always be taken seriously. The live stream has since been reposted all over social media. Netizens on TikTok sympathised with the actress and even shared their experiences of dealing with their mental disorders while those on Twitter accused her of lying about her work-life balance lifestyle.

Regardless of one’s opinions on Janna, her statement about mental illness is still true. It’s a never-ending battle and one should always seek professional help in order to be equipped with the necessary tools to cope when things get hard. We hope she feels better soon. Watch the full video here:


Hanya orang yang pernah melalui bipolar je akan faham.. Allahu kesian Janna 😭😭 #fyp #xtramy #jannanick #bipolar #menangis #sakit #beritaditiktok #sembangentertainment

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Sources: TikTok, Twitter

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