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Video Marketing – Add To Your Website

Video Marketing – Add To Your Website

Online videos are exploding in popularity. Visitors searching websites now expect to see video and not just text. There are several reasons why you should add video to your website. Videos can definitely bring a trust between you and your customers that text can not do. If done correctly, videos can really bring a lot of new customers that you did not have while using text alone. Video creates that extra sense of professionalism and it is also a great way to keep a customer's attention as it sees people's attention spans do not last longer than a few minutes. People would rather see a video than to read text.

Before you can put video on your website, there are a few things you will need:

1. A Webcam (available at Circuit Cit, Best Buy, etc.)

2. Hi-Speed ​​Internet (DSL or Cable Connection)

3. A Smiling Face

There are many software programs out there that claim to show you how to put video on your website in a simple way and that's simply not the case for someone who has never put video over the internet. Do not use the wrong program. A lot of the programs out there are for people who have used videos on their websites more than once. They are not for novices.

To learn more about how you can add FAST LOADING audio and video to your website or create a brand new website, even if you've never done it before, check out Armand, Alex, and Rick at http: //www.instantvideogenerator. com

Do not Forget to Smile!

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