(Video) Netizens React To These Men Performing Prayer In The KTM


Sometimes we don’t realise how many responsibilities we have in this life. Sometimes we’d have too many things to juggle that we forgot to carry out one or a few of those responsibilities. For those who practice a religion, it is good to be reminded that you must also try to carry out all your responsibilities as a believer.

Whether you’re a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist, never neglect your practices. For Muslims, it’s compulsory to perform your fardhu prayers five times a day. These men are not letting their busy life become an excuse for them to skip prayers as they’re currently going viral for performing the morning prayer while commuting.


Solat Subuh dalam train komuter. Butterworth – Padang Besar. Situasi ini setiap pagi, bagi mereka yang ulang alik Kerja dengan menggunakan KTM Komuter ini. 😊

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A TikTok video posted by @bentengsejagat earlier this week has been going viral recently with now reaching over 501.6k views, 39.8k likes, and over 1k comments. The video showed several men performing their Subuh prayer on the KTM train going from Butterworth (Penang) to Padang Besar (Perlis). From the video, it is understood that the TikTok user also joined them in performing the prayer.

“Those who commute to work during this train, this is basically the situation every morning,” the content creator captioned. The viral video was met with mostly positive comments from netizens, especially Muslims who praised these men for remembering to worship God before starting the day of work. Few netizens are curious to know if any of these men are single as their actions served as proof that they’re worthy of being husbands.


From the comments seen above, a few have suggested that all trains should have a designated coach for Muslims to perform their prayers while travelling to their destination. While that sounds like a swell idea, we’re sure there’s a lot to be considered before something like that were to be implemented into public transportation. What do guys think?

Source: TikTok 

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