(Video) Singer Tajul Enjoys Fried Rice With Toothpaste; Wife Baffled By His Bizzare Craving


Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food. Despite being popular, some people do not enjoy Durian while others love them, perhaps a little too much. There’s also the never-ending debate on which country has better food; Singapore or Malaysia?

Other than preferences, there is also the case of food cravings. There’s always that one food or dish that you crave so much, you can’t wait to have it, especially when you’re pregnant. But some cravings may be weird to others as they’re not common. For example, netizens are baffled to discover that this singer has been craving toothpaste. Here’s the story:


Tulunnnnnnn, baru 2 hari dok thailand dah pepelik perangai laki aku ni 🥹🥹🥹

♬ original sound – Upin & Ipin Official – Upin & Ipin Official


Malaysian singer Tajul and his wife, Nur Shamieza Eddie have so far been enjoying their holiday in Bangkok, Thailand. During their trip, the singer’s wife was weirded out by something he did that she had to capture on video and share with the world. In a TikTok video posted by the content creator, The 24-year-old was seen enjoying his fried rice with toothpaste.

The “Serpihan Rindu” artist was caught putting a small amount of toothpaste onto a spoonful of his fried rice before eating it. “Heeeelllp, we’ve only been in Thailand for 2 days and my man is already acting weird,” the TikToker captioned. The TikTok has since gone viral with now over 2.5 million views, 129.4k likes, and over 1.6k comments.

While it is currently unknown why the father-of-two ate his fried rice with toothpaste, his action and his wife’s reaction certainly entertained netizens. Many commented on the viral video saying that they were amused by the awkward combination while others jokingly came up with theories about why he did what he did.


At the time of writing, neither Tajul nor Shamieza posted an update about his strange toothpaste cravings. For now, we can assume that the singer likes his fried rice extra minty. Would you try this new food combination?

Source: TikTok 

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