(Video) Taiwanese Model Hu WenYing Feared Men After Being Sexually Assaulted By Godbrother


A few months ago, Taiwan was rocked with numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment from some of the country’s biggest celebrities. Unfortunately, many more women have yet to share their horrifying experiences.

Taiwanese model Paulina Hu WenYing (胡文英) was on a television show when she revealed that she was also a victim of sexual assault. After appearing on the Taiwanese program “Super Lucky (命運好好玩)”, the 57-year-old then took to Instagram to detail the traumatising story that happened when she was 16 years old.


According to the public figure, the perpetrator was a close friend of her and her then-boyfriend and someone she considered her godbrother. One day, her godbrother tricked her, saying her boyfriend was injured at a friend’s house. Worried for her boyfriend, Hu WenYing rushed to the location, only to realise it was a trick to get her alone. 

After she was locked in, her godbrother confessed his love for her and began forcing himself on her. The model said she started screaming for help, but the assaulter covered her mouth and even tried strangling and suffocating her. Feeling helpless, Hu WenYing then gave up resisting to save herself. She revealed that she got assaulted multiple times that day, adding it was painful to walk after the incident.

In her post, the model said she had nightmares for years following the incident and it even caused her to fear men. Despite Taiwan’s MeToo movement, Hu WenYing revealed that it was still difficult to go public with her story but decided to share it, in hopes her story can help other girls gain the courage to speak up about sexual harassment and assault.


It must’ve been hard for Hu WenYing to relive that horrifying experience but, hopefully, her story can give courage to others to speak up against their assaulters. Watch Hu WenYing’s appearance on “Super Lucky” where she shared about the experience.

Sources: Instagram, YouTube

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