(Video) “This Is A Pondan’s Body”: Nur Sajat Claps Back At Netizen’s Transphobic Comment


Malaysia-born entrepreneur Nur Sajat is no stranger to backlash when she posts photos of herself in sexy outfits. Last year, she caused a commotion when she went to a party with basically no underwear on and prior to that, she drew flak for posing in a very revealing orange swimming attire on Instagram.

Despite all the negativity, the public figure hasn’t let it stop her from showing off her voluptuous body. Sadly, it seems that the backlash will probably never stop since another netizen had something to say about the celeb’s body in her most recent post.

Source: IG/nursajatkamaruzzaman

Nur Sajat decided to celebrate herself for Valentine’s Day by sharing her trip to Bronte Beach, Sydney. Yesterday (Tuesday, 13th February) the business owner posted a series of photos of her donning a sexy black bikini, emerging out of the water and enjoying her time in the sand. She also posted a video of her soaking up the sunrays, adding, “Take time to do what makes your soul happy🌊🏊‍♀️🏖️.”

The posts received mixed reactions with some praising the “Makhluk Penggoda” singer’s beauty while others commented about how her bootylooked in the swimsuit. One netizen, however, left a very transphobic remark on the video post saying, “I’ll be honest, that is not a woman’s body. It’s not real. Not natural. Better cover yourself again and return to the right path. You can do it”.

While the controversial celeb would usually ignore rude comments, this time she decided to clap back at the unwelcomed remarks. “Of course, this is a pondan’s body. Seems like you haven’t finished school. Who wants to be a woman? I want to be a beautiful pondan! That’s enough, please go away,” said the 38-year-old.

Source: IG/nursajatkamaruzzaman

One could argue that the netizen had good intentions for leaving the comment but at this point, it seems pointless to tell Sajat what she should do with her life so it’s probably best to just let her be.

Here’s the video where the netizen’s comment was written:

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