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Want to Have a Baby Boy? – These Tips May Help

Want to Have a Baby Boy? – These Tips May Help

I often write about choosing your baby's gender at home without the expense of a gender clinician or specialist. Recently, I received an email from a woman who said "I want to have a baby boy. I'll answer this question and offer tips and advice to make this easier in the following article.

What You Need To Know If You Want A Boy Baby: If your goal is to have a son, then your true goal is really, solely, only this – you want for the Y sperm chromosomes to get to and fertilize your egg first. Once this deal is done, if you get pregnant, you've had your one chance. That's because this Y sperm produces boys and X sperm produces girls. A man's sperm contains both of these chromosomes, so you'll have to get rid of or slow down the X's to give your Y's the best chance.

Before I go into how to do that, I need to tell you why these things work the way that they do. The good news is that the boy producing sperm are the faster of the two – by a lot, actually. The bad news is that they are the weaker, also by a lot. So, you'll need to come up with a happy middle ground where you can take advantage of the speed while diminishing the weakness that will often keep you from success. I'll go over three ways to do this below.

Timing It Right On The First Try: The first thing that I'm going to talk about is the timing. Since these guys are so weak, they do not have the luxury of time. If you wanted a girl, you could conceive as far as three days before your ovulation date and be just fine, because the X sperm will not have a problem waiting around. This is not true if you want a blue nursery.

This is not your reality though if you're wanting a son. If you force these chromosomes to wait, they will either or die off. At best, their speed can no longer be a factor and at worst, they will not be around to race. So, you'll need to hold off and wait until the day of your ovulation. But, the catch is that you need to be absolutely certain that you are right. You can not and should not guess.

I made this mistake and it almost cost me. I assumed that I was ovulating mid cycle, but when I got a saliva ovulation predictor, I found that I was trying a full six days early. This could have been a huge mistake. If I had been successful in getting pregnant, I would've upped my odds of getting a girl instead of a boy. Luckily, I was not successful that month and I got another chance.

If You Want A Baby Boy, Make Sure To Lower Your Vagina's PH: If you introduce already vulnerable sperm to an acidic vaginal environment, you're definitely shortening their life span. To be as friendly as possible to these little guys, you need to lower your PH.

Here is what I believe is the easiest way to do this. First, get a PH saliva tester or strips at a health food store or on line. Follow the directions and test yourself to see what you have to work with. You may already be pretty alkaline, which means you'll have an easier time.

No matter where you fall, determine whether you want to go on a low PH diet or if you want to douche or both. There are pros and cons to both approaches. Not every one enjoys limiting the types of foods that they can eat (although you only have to do this until you reach and maintain a low PH). And, not everyone is going to take to douching (again, this can be a short process.) But, I can tell you that if you want the fastest results, you can combine both methods and go at them all out, continuing to test with the strips so that where you're having your best success. Examples of acidic foods that you'll need to avoid are most meats, corn, and coffee.

The Intercourse Positions That Are More Likely To Give You A Boy Baby: OK, here's a pop quiz. Remembering that the boy sperm are weak and can not survive a long, hard trip, which sexual positions are going to work best if you want a son? Yes, deep penetration. This seems self explanatory but many people make the mistake of not figuring the height and weight of both partners, among other things. What works great for one couple may not be very effective for another. It's important to experiment as to what works best for you. Putting a pillow under your hips or elevating your legs quite a bit can help.


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