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Warren Buffett loaded up on more Apple shares in the second quarter

Warren Buffett loaded up on more Apple shares in the second quarter

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Berkshire Hathaway bought Apple shares in the second quarter, according to its latest 13-F filing.

The regulatory filing showed that the company bought 5.42 million Apple shares to bring its tally to 15.2 million, valuing its stake in the tech giant at $1.46 billion.

Kraft Heinz remained Berkshire’s biggest holding, making up 22% of Warren Buffett’s company’s holdings, according to Bloomberg.

Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola, IBM and American Express were still the other top holdings, and no additional shares were bought or sold.

Large investment firms, including hedge funds, are required to disclose their long positions in stocks every quarter. Because of a time lag, they may have exited or changed the positions they list in the filings.

Berkshire sold 15 million Walmart shares, dropping its stake by 27% to a holding worth $2.94 billion, the 13-F showed.

The company also reduced its stakes in farming-equipment giant Deere and Suncor Energy.

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