Waterpay ATM Machine CALLIBRATION SETTING | UPI QR Plus Coin Based Water Atm


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Business Idea 💡 by Shivraj Patil.

Installation of Waterpay QR/UPI Base Water ATM Machine.
UPI/QR वॉटर कॉइन बॉक्स चे सेटिंग ??
Why UPI/QR + Coin-Based Water Atm Installation is Needed?

In this video, we’ll talk about How to Install a Waterpay E-Wending Machines (QR/UPI + Coin Base Water ATM Machine / QR/UPI + RFID Card Base Water ATM Machine / QR/UPI + RFID CARD + Coin Base Water ATM Machine ). A wide variety of water atm machines, UPI/QR-based water ATM machines, and Coin-Based, Card-Based water ATM machines according to client requirements. This machine is produced using Digital Technology and safeguards against dust, climate, etc This system is available at competitive prices and exceptionally simple to introduce at any spot. This system is widely used in railway stations, bus stations, schools, hospitals, etc… This UPI/QR-worked water atm machine gives your client 24 hours of daily access to fresh drinking water.

👉🏻Feature of the Waterpay UPI/QR Base Water Atm Machine.

🔹 Based on Digital Technologies
🔹 Based on UPI/QR code base
🔹 Front LED display
🔹 User-friendly QR/UPI Vending Machine.
🔹Very is easy to install.
🔹Low power consumption.

In 2020, this Water Jar Delivery Business also continues during the pandemic days. And now in 2022, this business will give you a lot of profit.

Shivraj Patil is the Co-founder of Rowaale.com business and is known for digital marketing, Hard skills. ====================================================================

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How to Install QR/UPI Water Wending Machine?

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