We Were Told NOT TO COME Here In Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 Malaysia


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Malaysia is famous for street food and night markets so of course we made our way to one in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The Jalan Alor Night Market has great reviews on Google and highly recommended by fellow travelers, but why did some locals tell us not to come here? We were curious so we had to come to find out for ourselves! Was it worth coming?

Watch the spicy Thai food challenge on our friend’s channel @2Passports1Dream 🌶🌶🌶

📍Jalan Alor Food Street:

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Video Breakdown by Chapters:
0:00 – Trying something new!
2:11 – Exploring this night market
5:18 – What is Surfshark VPN?
6:15 – Meng Kee Grill Fish
11:12 – Thank you for watching!

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  1. Magnus Azami says

    yeah Meng Kee is the best on that row 😍😍

  2. SharonJacob says

    I went to Jalan Alor Flora&Note!! Was definitely curious. I am a local. It was not what I expected. This place works out for foreigners. If one is local, we will know other places to find better and cheaper food. Anyway, never know till we try!

  3. Gobi Subramaniam says

    If you were told not to go to a place by tourist agents, it is most likely because those people are paid (by certain business institutions) to bring tourists to places where these institutions have small and medium businesses going on.

    Places like above especially in Kuala Lumpur are actually safe places for tourists because it is in the heart of Malaysia (capital) and has at least 80 years of history behind them. The streets are old, the buildings are old and full of history and culture, the people there had been working there for decades and you can find a lot of things here which will define Malaysia.

    Also when in doubt, go to the nearest police station and ask them where are the best and safest place for tourists (especially those who are walking around alone).

  4. Siddiqin Rabbani says

    usually the fruits that get fried is super ripe fruits. If they're a little under they're not as good (personal opinion)

  5. Noel Chelliah says

    This is a tourist trap .. most of the ppl in your video aren’t even Malaysians. I’ve lived in malaysia 40 years and never been there .. but I guess it’s an easy way to sample a lot of random stuff

  6. Deanis 77 says

    Kaya is not coconut. Kaya is flour, eggs and pandan leaves flavor based jam. I don't think it has any coconut substances.

  7. Rajawali Soars says

    RM98.00 for that type of meal for 2 people? Damn expensive! Harga kayangan wei!

  8. Bobby Lee says

    Love your travels in Malaysia. Ipoh is the hometown of Michelle Yeoh who recently won the Oscar for best actress.

  9. loh kok huah david says

    Both of you has got a good thing going so keep it up.

  10. Ming says

    Most Malaysian speak 2 n half languages, adapted urbans speak about 4, foreigners who come here to do business eventually learn all and ends up speaking 5 – 6 languages. LoL!

  11. Francis Kueh says

    Too expensive for locals

  12. Naim Anuar says

    Rm98 = super affordable ?? What?? From what i see you can get that at RM40

  13. Ong Poh Leong says

    Thank you for promoting Malaysia, I hope the authority can ban cars on the street at certain hours, especially from dinner time to midnight to ensure everyone including the tourist are safe.

  14. chengmunwai says

    It's true. I will often tell foreigners don't bother with Jalan Alor.

  15. Rohz Popper says

    Malaysia is ten times safer than eeican or London streets ! Foods are great and open till 3am. Some at 24 hrs.
    Beautiful dive spots,lively beaches and friendly people.
    Majority spoke English

  16. Pure mind静心净心 says

    You can try belacan fry chicken wings in Penang.
    Paku pakis vegetables is hardly found.
    An ancient plants near forest.
    When you eat satay ,
    Please bite off / discard the charcoal/ black colour part in the future.
    The burnt part is cancerous elements.
    Since you will eat around the world.
    Please eat well and live well 😇

  17. Sue GG3 says

    Locals don't go to Jalan Alor. Once upon a time, it was a famous food street and many locals do go there for the variety of good quality local food at reasonable price. Now it is just another tourist trap with overpriced food that are just average at best. I have not ate there in over 10 years but many of the old time street foods (at least the OG chefs) are gone.

  18. Man Bros says

    jalan alor is a places for tourrist..after this can try at kg baru

  19. Drex Chan says

    Paku Choy = fern sprout

  20. Edwin Koh B L says

    KL has developed so much that what was of the past it's still there if you look hard but KL is so much better and dare I say safer now.

  21. dihd6861 says

    11:20… 70s music

  22. king yee khung says

    sad, you should order grilled sting ray…

  23. dewata raya says

    Super affordable???? Haahahaha

  24. LOW ZHI MING Moe says

    say terimah kasih next time the meaning is thank you

  25. CKL MAL says

    I'm sure that is not fried jackfruit it must be fried chempedak. Cempadak (fruit) , cempaka (flower) mainly from campa now they call Vietnam from Mongolia who like to attack other country

  26. Ira Ar says

    Hello is it accessible using a wheel chair?

  27. Vince Heng says

    @11:10 You guys hardly touched your rice! I suppose that's how you avoid being overweight with the quantities of Malaysian food you guys are trying. XD. Great video. I have visit that street again soon with my family.

  28. wawawho18_adventures says

    im so excited to go to KL
    thanks for sharing! eveyrhting looked so good!
    i saw egg tart!

  29. Sean Phuan says

    Talented youtubers 😮

  30. bob cat says

    You both are such a lovely couple, and I was shocked to find I hadn't yet subscribed, but now I am after watching this video. Flora is such a beautiful woman, Note, you truly are a blessed man to have found such a wonderful girl to share your life with. ❤Also, Note, I'm envious of your awesome Tats (tattoos) especially the one on the back of your neck – the wings – but unfortunately I have not found a video on your channel that shows 'enough' of it to see the amazing artwork, so maybe one day you could do a video-even if short-that reveals the intricate details of all your tats. I'd love one like those wings maybe on the back of my neck or shoulder but have yet to 'find' the perfect style similar to yours, although it's never been seen close up. I also have a kid's magazine image of bat wings in both skeletal and normal appearance, so I want one on the front shoulder, and one on the back of my shoulder to 'see' their contrast, think they'd be cool tats 'for me,' anyway. Also the vegetables you were both eating looked a little like fiddleheads, and we have them growing wild here in New Hampshire, USA and are tasty when very young sprouts and cooked properly. I love your channel, I finally hit the like and subscribed, so if you watchers haven't done so yet, do please click the "Like" and "Subscribe" buttons to add this great couple and help them out for more views and let's all get them way way over 100k Subs, 🙏 Please, and TY 👍 And, Stay Healthy, Happy and Safe, you two! ❤

  31. Black Clover says

    Dont come to malaysia or you'll stuck here forever

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