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Wealthy Affiliate or One Week Marketing Plan? The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Wealthy Affiliate or One Week Marketing Plan? The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Which one should you choose? Wealthy Affiliate or One Week Marketing Plan? The answer to this question will depend on what your situation is. I didn’t have to make this choice because I joined Wealthy Affiliate first and that’s where I found out about the One Week Marketing guide. Stick around and I will answer your questions so you can make a good decision.

First let’s talk about what each of the program is offering. Wealthy Affiliate is a membership program where you can get the training, tools and community support. I was a complete beginner when I joined them and started with their action plan. One huge benefit that I got is being able to ask for feedback and help with my campaigns from other members.

The One Week Marketing plan is created by Jennifer Ledbetter (popularly known as PotPieGirl) who is also a long time member of WA. Now this guide will teach you the exact blueprint of how to use articles to bring in traffic to your affiliate campaigns. PotPieGirl is also known for her willingness to help anyone who’s been struggling with affiliate marketing.

I’ve been inside Wealthy Affiliate for 17 months already and I’m just really fortunate to have found them during my early stages. I haven’t wasted any huge amount of money with guides but I was sure confused and frustrated with how everything works. Honestly, before I joined them I even quit because I didn’t get any sales from my efforts.

The One Week Marketing guide is the article marketing strategy that PotPieGirl uses. One thing that I love about Internet marketing is that there are no strict rules that you should follow. What you’re going to get from OWM is the system that you can follow on a daily basis which is important because it keeps you focused.

If you don’t have the budget for a monthly fee then I suggest that you get a copy of the One Week Marketing plan. But it’s important that you have to follow through and take action. Article marketing is already a proven traffic generation technique and you don’t want to get distracted by those get rich quick websites.

Once you’re having some steady sales then I suggest that you invest in your knowledge by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Not everyone will have the backbone to succeed in this field. Only those people who are really feeling an enormous amount of pain to change their lives will do whatever it takes to succeed with making money online.


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