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Web Design – How Color Effects Mood

Web Design – How Color Effects Mood

There are a few things you must remember if you are planning to hire SEO company or a web designer for your website's logo and designs. The one area you must remember is the significance of color scheme and how they affect the mood. The web design can easily be improved by the application of proper color combination. The website color scheme can easily give the indication of the nature of your work. While the more young and vibrant colors are appearing on most consumer products, the somber color scheme can indicate a professional out look too. Here are some ideas about the effects of website colors on the visitors.

Colors & Mood

The traffic light is always green while the red often means the urgency and danger. Without you wish to achieve this effect the use of the colors that are associated with bad things should be avoided and the colors with soothing and welcoming effect should be used more.

Here are simple rules for color application on websites

1. Opposite Shades in text and background
2. Primary color Philosophy, Red Yellow Blue
3. Use the Color Wheel
4. Reflective of seasonal and events
5. Customer / product focus

Inviting not Forgettable

If you are building the website from scratch, there is clean slate, and you can do whatever ever you like in here with minimum investment. This however does not indicate that you might not change, on the contrary the color scheme should be changed ever so often suiting the season and time of years to give the impression of being inviting not forgettable.

As hum beings we are programmed to associate colors in the different contests. This means you become happy thinking about the Christmas, Easter, New Year's Day, Jewish or Chinese New Years quite easily too.

The thing which should be avoided in most cases can be the use of really strong colors that are harsh and sharp on eye. The first impression on internet is often the last impression so visitor can easily switch off even after visiting the page so all the hard work done by the SEO can go down easily by this.


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