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Web Design Tips For Webmasters – Avoid These 5 Critical Mistakes to Attract More Website Clients

Web Design Tips For Webmasters – Avoid These 5 Critical Mistakes to Attract More Website Clients

Are you the website owner who is having a high bounce rate? Do you think your website is really lacking in converting visitors into customers? Have you ever thought that there could have been a problem with the overall layout and design of your website? Often you can fix this problem by simply redesigning the look and layout of your site. There are 5 major factors which could affect the online success of your website.

1) Off base color scheme for the website: One of the integral parts of your site is the color scheme. If it is off base then your visitors may lose their interest quickly as soon as they visit the site. You can check for better matched color schemes at

Just enter your base color at the site and you will find more than 20 compatible colors for your own website. This tool is freely available to use and you can enhance the look and style of your site with the help of this tool.

2) Incorrect fonts for your site: If the font type, shapes and sizes are a total mismatch to the overall look and feel of your site then it can create a negative feeling for your visitors. You have to match the font type, shape and size with the type of service you are providing to your customers. can help you to find the appropriate shape, size and type of fonts for your site. This free resource can provide you thousands of varieties for online fonts. Put the proper fonts on your site and see the difference.

3) Browser compatibility factor: Too often website end up with several web browsers not displaying the site as it was intended to look. The compatibility factor plays a very important role here. One of your visitors may open your site in Internet Explorer which shows correctly but that may not be true for the Mozilla Firefox users or vice versa.

There can be some minor issues which may be affecting the multi browser compatibility of your site. You can check this online at It is again a free resource where you can test the compatibility of your site in different web browsers and then decide what needs to be corrected.

4) Improper site navigation: The site navigation also plays a critical role in the online success of your website. There are few site navigation guidelines which you can find on the Internet. Improper navigation for website links is a major mistake which many webmasters make in the beginning.

You should not place the "About Us" link immediately after "Home" tab. Web visitors are usually not interested to check out your companies history. Instead they are mainly interested in what products and services you are offering and the price for these. You should place the "Products" or "Services" Tab immediately after "Home" tab. Placing the "Prices" tab after "Services" can keep the attention of your visitors for a longer period of time. These are the minute details which are important when it comes to the site navigation.

5) Wrong call to action placements: It is critical for you to place appropriate call to action within the most visible places of your site. Contact numbers within the header can prove effective to get prospective clients to call you immediately. Try to place the related order link contextually for your products or services. Correct placement for your call to action makes all the difference while you try to get targeted clients through your website.

Try to avoid the above 5 mistakes and improve upon your web design. I am confident you will attract more targeted visitors and reduce the bounce rate drastically when you implement the above tips.


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