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Web Page Design Tips – 3 Ways to Get Color Suggestions For Your Web Pages

Web Page Design Tips – 3 Ways to Get Color Suggestions For Your Web Pages

When it comes to web page design you'll receive hundreds of different opinions as to what color looks best. What you think will work well together may turn off other people whereas another person's suggestion may not conform to yours. You've probably seen web pages that look really ugly because they have used the wrong combination of colors. For example the background may appear so strong that you can not focus on the content or font or the background coloration is almost the same so you can not read the text.

So how do you choose colors that will appeal to everyone?

3 ways to get color suggestions for your web pages

1. Observe nature

Most people enjoy the range of colors exhibited by their natural surroundings. Incorporate these colors into your web pages so they will appeal to your business. Natural colors such as blue, white, red, yellow, orange, green, etc. or a combination of these work well on web pages. For example you may use a light blue background or gradient blue with black text on a white background. Next time you take a walk in nature take a mental picture of all the color combinations.

2. Surf websites on the net

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get color ideas for your own website. Simply surf the net and observe the different color combinations people have used to design their websites. Create a screenshot of the website you prefer and import it into your graphics software. Using the color picker it to find out what the color code is. Use web safe colors so all computer users see the same colors displayed on your computer screen.

3. Use a color picker

If you Google "color picker" you'll get a list of websites which have color picker tools to quickly and easily select different color combinations for your web pages.

Tips for selecting the correct colors

Use contrast

The best contrast is black text on a white background however other color combinations will also work. If you wish to display a product that has bright colors use a light background to make it stand out.

Use at least 3 different color combinations

A web page using 1 or 2 colors may appear very boring. 3 to 5 different color combinations is fine. Using too many colors will cause people to leave because it makes your website look unprofessional. Try to use the same colors through your entire website to give it a consistent appearance.


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