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Web Video and Search Engine Optimization

Web Video and Search Engine Optimization

Reaching Your Target Audience with Web Video

Internet users more and more expect rich, visual, entertaining and engaging online experiences and tend to stay longer on websites with enhanced multimedia content.

With Web 2.0 technology and more internet users having high speed internet access, video has become very popular – especially when combined with other types of rich media.

Web video is no longer only for user generated content and social networking – it has become a very effective yet inexpensive tool for marketing and advertising.

There are many reasons why video is so popular:

  • It is entertaining.
  • Information is conveyed in an audio-visual format – just like on TV.
  • Video is the closest format to a real world experience.
  • It is believable because a human being offers a solution.

But there is more:

Web video promises the reach and emotion of traditional television plus added benefits such as on-demand availability, interactivity, measurability and more precise target audience penetration when combined with search engine optimization.

Since there is no cost for "air time", your video can have any length, it can stay online as long as needed or desired, on multiple high traffic video outputs, on your own website or landing page, you can use it in as many email campaigns as you wish and it is not limited to a schedule – it is available 24/7 on demand – the number of views is virtually unlimited. It is like having your own FCC license, your own TV channel.

All forms of web video: streaming, embedding, viral distribution and desktop push are generating hits, impressions and "time spent". "Time spent" is the new currency in internet advertising because it always precedes a buying decision.

Utilizing internet distribution outputs and natural search engine optimization with your rich media content means: Your distribution budget is the fraction of the cost of using traditional media.


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