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WebFire Review – SEO Optimization

WebFire Review – SEO Optimization

What is WebFire? WebFire is a training site designed by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz to help online marketers achieve greater results. The software consists of easy to use training tutorials and training tools. The training tools are designed to achieve better on-page and off-page search engine results for your website. In addition to the SEO training and tools, the co-founders also provide an affiliate program.

How can WebFire benefit you and your website? If you take advantage of the training tutorials provided, your website should see a significant improvement in search engine rankings. Likewise, that means more traffic to your website. There are numerous tools provided. Take each tool and training one at a time. The founders suggest you take each training step by step, one by one, and don’t get overwhelmed. With a long-term process using these tools, your website will dramatically improve in SEO rankings.

Training Tools: The training within WebFire include the following tools: Video tools, domain tools, site tools, press tools, article tools, keyword tools, and lead tools. All these tools are designed to increase your website search engine optimization rankings with the search engines. The tools are too numerous to cover all in this review, so I will highlight the one’s most significant to your website.

Site Tools: The site tools include keyword backlinks, site analysis, site rank tracker and submit your site, et al. The most significant tool here for immediate results is the ‘submit your site’ tool. The submit your site tool allows the user to submit a specific blog post or article to 86 different search engines and directories targeting a specific keyword within your niche. This tool is very powerful. When you follow the training specifically, you should see immediate improvement in your search engine rankings. I have found this tool very easy to use.

Leads: Every online marketer needs leads. WebFire is designed to attract more leads to your website. The lead tool includes information and website links within your niche. The training video tutorials show the online marketer how to get immediate traffic to his website. This tool includes the relevant sites within your niche. It also includes relevant sites for guest blogging and which sites within your niche allow for guest blog posts.

Keyword Tool: The main keyword tool within WebFire allows the user to search a specific ‘keyword phrase’ and the competition for that keyword. The keyword tools also provides related keyword phrases using a particular keyword. The keyword tools also provides the keyword density for your particular site. Very valuable information when you are trying to rank your site for a particular keyword or phrase.

Video Marketing Tool: The WebFire software also contains training on video rankings, including YouTube, Daily Motion and Blip TV. Within the WebFire software you can produce a video or upload your very own video directly to YouTube, Daily Motion and Blip TV instantly. The video training walks you through each simple step.

Article Marketing Tool: The article marketing tool contains an article spinner that produces multiple articles using related phrases from one particular article. The tool also provides an article submitter that will immediately submit your article to the relevant article directories including

Affiliate Program: The affiliate program with WebFire is two tiered. The first tier pays a 50% commission on the monthly membership ($49/month) and 25% on all upgrade sales. The second tier is designed for the affiliate marketer that wishes to promote the software. The second tier pays a 5% commission on all sales and recurring monthly payments.

Conclusion: The training and techniques taught within this software are sound business practices to help any website. The video tutorials and tools are recommended by most top marketers. When followed, the training will produce a significant SEO improvement for your website.


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