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Website Design – Is It True What They Say About Flash?

Website Design – Is It True What They Say About Flash?

In this article we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of including or enjoying the inclusion of flash in your homepage. You can have many website designers advising you on a flash for your home page as it would really do a great job of enhancing the look of your homepage actually. But in this article we will learn there is more to this story than just what you know (visual effect or visual pleasure). Now flash happens to be a vector based graphic presentation which can ensure that the representation of things are happening in a manner that you feel it is continuous like a movie.

Now this above feature can really ensure that the visitors that you have for your website is increasing because it makes your website look really attractive. And it also has the advantage of being loaded faster when compared to JAVA scripts. But there is a consideration or rather a decision that has to be taken by you and it is simply that you need to decide whether your visitors should be provided with an option of skipping the flash or not. That is, if the visitor is coming back more than once and he or she has seen the presentation earlier then she should really be provided with the chance of skipping it and go to main pages again.

But then you just can not afford to overlook the disadvantages of including a flash in your web page. Flash no doubt does a wonderful job of making your webpage attractive and good but it has no contribution in the ranking of your website. It does no work of search engine optimization and can never ensure that your webpage is shown as the first option when any visitor types the relevant keywords to get the required information.

Flash is something that can in no way be defined as engine friendly when it comes to functionalities actually. If the first page of your well made site is a flash presentation then I can assure you that no search index would consider it good enough to display it as the first option. The easy way to make good use of flash is thus by submitting sub directory pages and not have it included in the home page directly.

There can be another very good solution for this problem. You can choose to have your flash embedded in the homepage. By doing this you can definitely ensure that there are links and text for search engines.

The development time of flash is also something that you need to take into consideration actually. You must learn that the more complicated you make it the more time would be required to make this movie. The best option would be if you can make your own HTML site and then start working with flash. As such you really do not need to bother your head over the browser since flash almost works on all browsers.

So here we now have some brief idea about using flash for the purpose of website designing.


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