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Website Design Planning for Business Success

Website Design Planning for Business Success

Thorough research is essential for successful web site development. Considerations include the number of pages that the website should have, graphics, the primary content segments, number of pages, how the pages interlink to each other and who is the intended Site visitor. Being intentional about your content planning will produce results.

Really we are taking three primary things into account during the planning stage:

A. The client: Look and feel, brand and other concerns

B. The intended Site visitor and how to get them to the Site

C. How to make the site sticky enough to keep the visitor there long enough to make a conversion

The client segment of the Site planning has to do with articulating the brand, using logos and color schemes as well as other primary aims and marketing phrases used in conjunction with the Brand.

Other items to plan for related to the client segment include: Customer retention, future marketing, and demographics and how the Web Site can produce and maintain clients and articulate the brand.

Maintaining the Web Site includes regular maintenance and updates as well as patches and security scans.

In addition, performance measurements and miles should be set in place to accurately measure the effectiveness of the Web Site.

To be truly successful, a Web Site must combine good planning with regular updates and performance measurements. Measurements are generally classified as Analytics and are included with all of our maintenance agreements. Through these analytical reports, we will be able to report on exactly how the Web Site is performing and be able to provide corrective tweaks over time to gain the maximum keyword performance in searches your Site is capable of.

Our custom Web Design skills will provide you with exactly what you are looking for while separating you from your competitors with a unique look and feel that belongs to only you.

Your site should be a balance of user-friendliness, great content, and conversion forms and other interactive media (such as Blogs, and contact forms) as well as integration with the latest social media like Face Book, YouTube and Twitter.

Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be integrated into the Web Site design. Keeping a balance of rich content, ease of navigation and great conversion forms (like contact us, Request for quote and other marketing forms) being integrated into your Site will create the best experience and the most results for you the Web Site owner.


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