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Website Flipping – 7 Tips For Picking Domain Names

Website Flipping – 7 Tips For Picking Domain Names

One of the first things that you are going to do when website flipping is to create your domain name. When selecting your domain name there are several things that you should do to ensure that you have a great domain name that will attract buyers and work well with the search engines.

Here are 7 tips for selecting a domain name:

1. It's Best To Use A .com

Most buyers will prefer a dot com domain name. Especially if the site is not currently making any money. If you are going to monetize the site thoroughly before selling it and have it bringing in AdSense revenue or product sales, then having a dot com is not so important.

2. The Shorter The Domain Name The Better

A short and catchy domain name is preferred to buyers and customers. Try to keep the domain name to 3 keywords or less if possible. One other benefit of having a short domain name is that you can get a higher domain name visa with a sender name.

3. Make The Domain Name Keyword Rich

A keyword rich domain name will help with organic SEO web traffic. It will also help to sell the site to a buyer. In your sales letter you will be able to state to the buyer that your domain name is a keyword and that keyword is searched for XX number of time per month.

4. Try To Make The Domain Name Memorable

You may want to sacrifice the SEO angle and come up with a truly unique and memorable domain name. One technique for doing this is to come up with your own words by combining two words or word parts. Jimmy D. Brown uses this technique to perfection. Some of his most popular sites are Nicheology (Niche + ology) and Membernaire (Membership + Millionaire).

5. Avoid Trademarks

Avoid selecting domain names that have the potential to violate trademarks. This will save you and your buyer a lot of grief and aggravation.

6. Consider Expired Domain Names

Another technique that you may want to use is to try and find expired domain names that you can purchase. The benefit of this is that some of these expired domain names are still receiving traffic from the search engines. You'll be able to use that information to help you sell your site.

7. Consider Purchasing An Existing Domain Name

One last technique to consider is purchasing an existing domain name. Now I do not recommend this if all you¡¯re trying to do is make a quick sale, but if you have in mind to create a site that you will develop and monetize over several months then this might be an option for you.

Source by Kitwana Akil

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