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Website Templates – Are They Worth The Hassle?

Website Templates – Are They Worth The Hassle?

Are you building your first website? Maybe you have a new product? Need mini site graphics? This is a situation many people find themselves in. However, we have to make a decision. Do we want to build these ourselves? Hire someone? Find an alternative?

Sometimes when we are building a website our budget determines how we approach the situation. Often times this means we must do most of the work ourselves or as cheaply as possible. So if you are like most people these days you are on a budget. Don’t worry, you have an alternative to pricey designers. That alternative is using website templates.

You may be wondering what exactly website templates are? These templates are simply pre-made graphics that can be altered for your personal use. Some website templates are so unique you don’t have to change them at all. Sometimes you get lucky and find some that match your product perfectly. Other times you must edit them. However, this can be done easily even for those who are not technically gifted.

Usually these mini site templates will come with layered .psd files which can be edited easily in Photoshop, Corel Paint, Gimp or other similar applications.

Are you wondering what I’m talking about? Have no fear! You can often find templates that come with the blank .jpg images. JPEG images are the most popular and you can easily add your text to them from just about any text edited software such as Open Office or Microsoft Office. If you can type you can edit them.

Another advantage to purchasing website or mini site templates is that often you can purchase the rights to resell them for a profit. Think how cool it would be to find the perfect templates for your new product sales page or squeeze page and be able to resell the same template to recoup your investment.

Now you can see why website templates are so popular. If you are in the internet marketing niche and are often releasing new products templates will save you thousands of dollars in design fees. Not to mention how much time you save not having to find designers and email them back and forth until they get it right.

In conclusion, anyone building a site should consider purchasing website templates and I highly recommend them. I have been able to cut my time in half once I started using them. Allowing me more time to write these wonderful articles. Now seriously, get ya some website templates now if you want to make more money in your online business.


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