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What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Riccar Vacuum Cleaners?

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Riccar Vacuum Cleaners?

There are big names when it comes to vacuum cleaners that seem to monopolize sales on a regular basis. These vacuum brands are widely sold online and in several appliance stores. The public is familiar about these brands because of the catchy advertisement, thus making consumers have the names at the tip of their tongue.

However, there are also good brands of vacuums that do not use such strategy. Little advertisements go with these vacuum cleaners; and they are only available through authorized retailers. Whether or not this is a good marketing strategy, these vacuums still sell, mainly because of their excellent quality.

Riccar vacuum cleaners have managed to maintain their remarkable sales despite the fact that they are not available in any store. In fact, you can only purchase them from an authorized Riccar retailer. This approach makes the product quite personalized; interested consumers can inquire specific details about a product, and the experts know exactly how to bring some light to these queries.

Most product users are quite satisfied with their Riccar vacuum; while some wish that they purchased a different brand. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of Riccar vacuum cleaners.


1. There is more metal in its construction than there is plastic.

Most vacuums use more plastic than metal in their construction. However, Riccar has the opposite of the other vacuum brands. Riccar vacuum cleaners come with a metal foot pedal and a stainless bottom plate. These add to the durability of the entire vacuum, as these parts frequently meet the floor or your foot. Thus, the type of construction used ensures great quality for years.

2. These vacuums come with indicator lights.

The thing about bagged vacuums is that you need to check frequently if the bag is already full; this helps prevent using the vacuum with a bag overflowing with dirt. Riccar makes this aspect more efficient because of the indicator lights that let you know if the bag needs replacement. Thus, you do not need to feel the outside of the bag anymore. All you need to do is to watch out for the light that indicates “full bag”. In addition, the indicator lights also warn you if the brushroll got jammed. This prevents serious problems because you get to fix it right away and the situation does not get worse.

3. The dirt sensing display and the headlights assist you while you clean.

Low-light situations such as under the furniture or tight spaces are very difficult to clean. Areas as these sometimes stay partially cleaned only because of limited lighting. However, Riccar vacuums come with a brilliant headlight and a dirt sensing display; these let you know which areas need further sweeping over and more focus. Therefore, you do not leave any portion still filled with dirt.


1. Riccar vacuums are not widely available in stores.

In fact, most households probably have not heard of Riccar vacuum cleaners. This is true to most people because these vacuums are only available in an authorized Riccar retailer. Thus, you will not be able to find this brand in any big shops or appliance stores in any country.

2. These vacuums operate with such a tremendous amount of noise.

Riccar vacuum cleaners are quite outstanding when it comes to suction and durability; however, they are a nuisance because of the extreme amount of noise they generate. The reason for this fact is that less air restriction promotes stronger suction.

Weighing the Pros and the Cons

This not-so-famous vacuum brand definitely lacks much exposure in several shops. In fact, these are only available in a certified Riccar retailer. However, quality meets durability in every Riccar vacuum. Although there are some drawbacks, Riccar still proves to be among the best brands of vacuums. Its excellent performance and reliable features make it an ideal cleaning appliance that is sure to last a lifetime.


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