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What Brand of Power Tools to Buy

What Brand of Power Tools to Buy

As a contractor I'm asked all the time on what tools do I need and more importantly what brand is best.

Well it's really not so much what brand is good as in what brand is good for me. I mean if you're going to use these tools all day and everyday of course you would want the best.

But like most home owners you'll just need a tool once in a great while. However when it comes to screw drivers you will want aa good set. With screw drivers, the better they are the better they will grip your screw without so much on the stripping them out.

But let's look a power tools for a second. Sure you can buy a cordless screw driver for $ 19.00 or you could buy what I use, a Dewalt 24 volt for more then $ 300. The difference is big, in performance and cost. But do you really need that $ 300 drill collecting dust.

For the most part and for convenience I buy my tools from Home Depot. But if you walked into a real tool store. By this I mean a store that just sells tools you'll see many brands I bet you never hear of. Brands and types of tools that would just blow your mind. Just check out the prices and you'll soon learn that the home stores really just cater to the home owner in us all.

Just always think about what you're buying this tool for and how much you will use it when you see the price.


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