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What Does NWM (Network Marketing) Have to Offer As a Business Model?

What Does NWM (Network Marketing) Have to Offer As a Business Model?

Network Marketing (also know as NWM) has been around for some decades now but there still seems to be some confusion as to what the business model has to offer.  Here are the Pros and Cons of building a NWM business so you know what you are getting into!

Lets first clear the air and get right at the heart of what NWM is as a business model.  It is simply the METHOD of which the product or service is DELIVERED to the customer.  Many still have the impression that any business where there is a referral system in place which compensates their distributors, MUST be a scam.  This could not be further from the truth.  The fact is that many major corporations are now employing the network marketing model into their business such as Coca Cola.

Business has always been dealt this way – building an organization which will expand the distribution channels to reach more customers.  That is really what it is all about.  The job of a distributor in a NWM company is to do just that.  The main difference is they (the company) have opened up their doors to now allow other people to partner up and start a ‘side business’.  The relative low cost of starting this kind of business is a huge benefit as you now have (in most cases) the marketing materials, the name, the product, the legal stuff, the distribution, the order process… (and much much more) ALL in place.

So that being said, lets look at some of the Cons to build a NWM business.

– You are not paid for every hour you work (especially in the beginning)

– Will take time and persistence to become successful

– You will be face with objections and rejection which many find hard to take

– You may want to learn new ways to build your business without approaching people you know

Well, I must say I have a biased opinion.  I’ve been in the industry for 4 years now and feel that it has a lot to offer.  Such as:

– Flexibility to work when and where you want

– Able to travel and take time off, as you see fit.

– Do not have to wake up to an alarm clock

– Be your own Boss

– Take control of your life and do the things your passionate about.

That is just to name a few.  Is it right for you?  Hard to say.  It will take some work, no matter what anyone tells you.  But IF you are willing to put in the time, the industry certainly has a lot to offer.

I have found that most people are weary of the strategies that are presented to them of how they are to build a NWM business.  If you want to learn how to build this kind of business building with real MARKETING strategies where you know who your target market is and how to reach them – EVERYTHING changes. 

Make sure to follow the link below to learn more about the mistakes I have made along the way and how I have been able to go full time in the NWM industry.


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