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What If a Business Business Model Was to Buy Something From You Instead of You Selling Their Product?

What If a Business Business Model Was to Buy Something From You Instead of You Selling Their Product?

Let's face it, the major problem attracting throngs of people into any network marketing business is the idea they have to 'sell' something to whoever … friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. Even though selling is not at all bad (no economy exists without it), most people just do not like the idea, and therefore will not ever get started in any network marketing business. Although most people will never say this out loud, it's still the conversation they're having in tneir head when they look at different businesses.

For those who do decide to get started, if they are going to be successful with any company that is selling a product to the public, they must go through the learning curve of a new skill set, which is typically a significant investment of time and money.

But what if there was a network marketing company whose business model did not involve its rep selling a product or service to the public? What if, instead, the company bought something from each of its rep's? And what if anyone (who is not dead) could easily get what the company is buying because they see it all over the streets and parking lots everyday of the week? (No, it's not ads). And what if supplying the company with what it wants only took about 20 minutes a month. All of a sudden the above conversation in your prospect's head goes away. Instead, it turns to "Well I can do that. That's easy". Would this business model turn your business into an absolute recruiting magnet?

You can find out more about the company that is doing this network marketing business model at the site below. (No, it's not about taking surveys, ad surfing, or anything else you've ever seen before).


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