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What Is Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan?

What Is Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan?

You will notice that when you visit the Three Step Plan website, that the information is very limited, unless you are willing to input your personal information to learn more. With that being said, I will do my best to provide you with an overview as to how the Three Step Plan works.

So, what is Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan? This program is a marketing system that was put into place to promote and grow the multi-level marketing business, XanGo. XanGo is a health and wellness company that promotes their very popular product, XanGo Juice. When utilizing the Three Step Plan, you are participating as a Distributor in the XanGo business opportunity to receive compensation for distributing their products, and recruiting new Distributors into your business. In other words, the Three Step Plan is the system that is in place to help you grow your XanGo business.

As a Three Step Plan member, you will be participating in a radio co-op, where you will receive leads that are generated through Andy Willoughby’s advertisements on many Christian Radio Stations. The Three Step Plan will provide you with the tools to grow your XanGo network marketing business without relying on the traditional warm marketing methods of pursuing family and friends, methods that are encouraged by so many other multi-level marketing businesses.

As you receive leads that are generated through the Three Step Plan system, you will cold call those leads to persuade them to purchase your XanGo products. However, your success within XanGo will be dependent upon your ability to grow a sizable downline of Distributors. Your mission will be to convert many of your new customers into XanGo Distributors in your business. As you are growing your business, you will be training your downline Distributors to achieve success in their individual businesses.

Through this system, you will purchase each individual lead. Whether or not they become customers or distributors in your business will be dependent upon your individual sales ability. The product that you will be promoting primarily will be XanGo Juice. A bottle of this Juice retails for $40, so your success will be dependent upon your ability to move large quantities of this high valued and highly priced product.

If you have a desire to build a health and wellness company such as XanGo, I believe that the Three Step Plan offers tremendous value. It will offer you the tools to dramatically increase your chances of success, versus the methods of prospecting amongst family and friends. You only have to be willing to get on the phone with each potential customer. This is direct sales, and your success is ultimately dependent upon your ability to distribute products, and recruit new team members to do the same.


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