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What Is Audience Definition And Why It Matters To Your Business

What Is Audience Definition And Why It Matters To Your Business

Do you think you know who your best customer or best client or best patient is? Chances are good that if you utilize some form of Audience Definition, you may be in tune with who is most likely to produce a conversion for your company, business, product or service. Audience definition, also known as customer segmentation, is a very unique and important process to any business that wishes to improve their marketability and drive sales. It is the act of understanding, in detail, who is most likely to engage in a particular business. Take a look to delve deeper into the process of identifying your best client:

It’s all about the data. Well, mostly the data.

First, in order to heighten your understanding of your best customer, you must have some data to analyze. These numbers can come in many different forms and can be collected in different manners. Sure, you could do this manually, but that would take a lot of time, energy, and money. And honestly, who has time for that? Thankfully, there are several software programs available to collect data and research automatically. This can be a real game-changer for many business owners.

That data is useless, though, if not correctly analyzed.

The next step is to gather all the data you have collected and analyze it. Again, there are some top-notch programs available that conduct the analysis for you. Pre-programmed software can sort through the numbers and metrics of the data and detail a specific persona that represents a specific person that is most likely to positively engage in your business. This should go beyond the standard age, sex, and location type of metrics. A great program can tell you how much education your best customer has. It can also share things like where your customer lives, how much time he or she spends online and which social media platform sites he or she frequents and how often.

This matters because you want to know that your dollars are working to your advantage.

Marketing is all about that Return On Investment, or ROI. This simply means that you probably have a budget for marketing. And while you would prefer not to go over budget, you also want to know that the money and resources you have poured into advertising are actually working. In other words, your money should be specifically and strategically spent on those avenues that are most likely to produce a conversion. Guesswork as far as an advertising budget goes should not be an option. Instead, you should have a concrete example of a person most likely to purchase your services or products. You should know where they shop, how often they spend time online, and what social media platforms they access. In other words, you want to know your audience definition!

And then, you want to direct your spending dollars toward those avenues that have the most exposure for your clients. It is really all about knowing your brand and your message, knowing who is listening and paying attention, and knowing how to effectively reach those persons most likely to purchase from your business.


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