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What Is SEO? Straight to the Point

What Is SEO? Straight to the Point

Search Engine Optimization? A beast by many names…

This article is written with a business model in mind. SEO is an acronym that stands for Search engine Optimization. Though truthfully, it should be GO (Google optimization). At this point in the game, Google is the forerunner and primary search engine running the show, with the lion’s share of the search engine market under its belt. Of note, currently Bing is pulling in at a distant second. However, before move on, the information I share next is pivotal: SEO is also known as Online Marketing (which is the same thing for all intents and purposes) and Search Engine Marketing (ditto). By using strategic keywords on your website’s meta tags, title tags and body that relate to your business, these mediums help a website search engine like Google find “keyword nuggets”. After this find, they use them to properly categorize a website within its directory. This will in turn determine the genre of each business; as well explain the brand, services and or products being offered.

SEO Experts and the Process

With SEO we can tap into a marketing platform where possibilities seem endless and affordable. A simply but satisfactory goal is accomplished, as website optimization allows each search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, look search, Snap, etc.) to explore websites. Enabling a copious amount of search engines to view, crawl and utilize each employed keyword. Taking it a step further, SEO expert services also utilizes the search engine to provide search results for other users (potential customers’/clients) with keywords that the business would be known for (preferably the first page at the top).

This process takes meticulous planning. When optimizing your website, consider these four main points before endeavoring in a SEO project (if the plan isn’t to hire a local SEO professional, consultant, or expert to work it through):

1. Real results for any SEO campaign take time. At a minimum 3 months for big or small business. What happens if some optimization company preaches results in days or weeks? Be cautious! Bid them a hearty “good day” and move right along.

2. SEO needs to be done constantly. Social networks and search engines change their policies frequently (neither you nor any SEO expert has control over this). Without dutiful monitoring, this may result in the website falling behind and appearing no longer current. Simply put: stay on top of it.

3. SEO is the most affordable way to market. Why? Because the internet is free! Think organic results first, then PPC(Pay Per Click).

4. SEO has a specific method.

A) 15% SEO: Keyword research & implementation

B) 60% Link building & providing great content

C) 25% monitoring & adjusting.

SEO Help: So how do I begin?

Firstly, find some keywords, (I said find not think… i.e. think up).You want to use words that the prospective clientele/customer base would use to find you or the keyword used to refer to the service or product to be provided. My suggestion would be the Google keyword finder Google Keyword finder will help to find a keyword and suggest others words or phrases as well. Even with that said the main reason to use Google keyword is because its main job is to inform how many people using the search engine looked up that specific keyword. Secondly, when you choosing a keyword, check the competition to see who else uses the same keyword. Here’s an example: go to and type “allintitle:” in the search box. After this type the desired keyword. The thing we are looking for is any key word with a high search rate… but low competition.

Source by D E Mc Neish

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