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What is Twitter Good For – Is There Really Anything Useful Going on There

What is Twitter Good For – Is There Really Anything Useful Going on There

Are you wondering just what is twitter good for? The answer really depends on who you ask.

You may hear definitions like Twitter is a website that is free and helps you stay in contact with others.

I would define Twitter as a micro blogging website that allows you to send out short messages that are called tweets. You are limited to 140 characters in your messages.

Some people just do not seem to understand the question, what is twitter good for. They think people are spending lots of time on this site and not really say anything useful.

Although sometimes this may actually happen and it could have been considered amusing by some people on the site.

The real value of this site is not the first thing you see. There are people sharing information and ideas. There are sure to be specialists in almost any field you can think of offering valuable advice and leadership. Who knows if you are creating your own products there are sure to be people who will tell you what they the consumer would like to see included in a product.

Although it is growing very fast with no end in sight there is a small part of it that will send out boring tweet after tweet. The good news is the huge user population makes it exciting to read as you never know just what you will find.

If Twitter is something that you have never tried or possibly you took a look around and never came back you might want to give it another shot. This micro blogging site is easy to become a part of. And the best part is you do not have to ever share your lunch story with others.

If you want to stay on top of things then you need to be on the lookout for new tips, and tools.

Things never stay the same on the web and technologies are changing all the time. When you are talking about web 2.0 things will change at an even faster rate.

Because of this you will find it worthwhile to take the time to understand what is twitter good for and how it can help you.

Source by Douglas Taylor

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