What To Know About This Malaysia Night Market


What To Know About This Malaysia Night Market. This Fake Goods Night Market In Malaysia Is Huge! Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has a lot of night markets with fake goods but amazing quality. In this video I take a walk to the Petaling street night market located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is very booming at night and many people are walking around and buying fake goods, so i decide to do a night market hunt. I buy a fake Nike hat from an honest vendor. I was craving something sweet, so i find a stand selling sweet drinks and get myself a mango smoothie. This is what to know about this Malaysia night market.

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A man from the USA trying to discover the world one place at a time, while sharing the experiences through my lens. I like exploring places that are usually not first on most people’s itinerary and showing everyone that these places are worth the journey. I want to experience all the countries I visit as a member of the society but at the same time learn about the culture, food and beautiful people. Growth is not achievable without leaving your comfort zone, so just do it!

  1. mark A says

    Keep it up brother!

  2. addy Fauzi says

    Malaysian people only watching.dont support

  3. Justin Palathinkal says

    “I was looking for something sweet and you were the only one I could find”

    Okkkkkkkkk my boiiiiii 😏😏

  4. Ethio Greece Kitchen says

    Myer you got ur cold drink and a new subscriber 😄 🤣 I love the city everything 😉 😉 enjoy

  5. Ali Abdullah says

    You need to do more in the vlogs ..new places your just going around in same area and not doing much..had to skip most of it because you got a hat and drink..go to tourist places..beaches

  6. To Be Honest says

    Hello handsome 🤣🥰

  7. rube goldberg project says

    Nice vid bro! That smoothie looks refreshing, and the lady who works at the shop was very welcoming. Thanks for making all the videos raw and authentic. It does a real service to Malaysian people in my eyes. Keep it up 👍

  8. Yasin Affandi says

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video n for showing your day at an open night market in KL.

  9. mich durango says

    Lovely place 🥰🥰🥰

  10. Apostle Paul says


  11. Kaarishma says

    thank you <3 i've been following you since your ethiopia journey and you've shown me parts of malaysia which is what i'm missing. i've been living in nz on my own for 9 years and the more time passes, the more i feel disconnected to malaysia since i've not been back for 3 years. showing little india and china town and just streets of KL makes me feel nostalgic. for that, thank you. <3

  12. Historian says

    Bro… Been addicted to your vids.

  13. hplagt 68 says

    You should go to the Cannaught night market that opens every Wednesday. It stretches about 2 km. Try to ask some locals where there are night markets around the city. Different places have different night markets at different days. These night markets usually sell food, snacks, clothes and various types of accessories, toys etc. Check other vloggers on youtube going to the night markets to have a rough idea and what to expect.
    You are right, one month is not enough because there are 13 states, 2 of which are in Sarawak and Sabah on the Borneo Island.

  14. mohd rasidi che mat says

    Langkawi is in the north, not east. Also you can definitely bring back everything you buy in langkawi, except car (even for malaysian)

  15. F_Aynalem says

    Beautiful city and very kind and sociable people, Thanks Myer Travels🤩🙏

  16. little sparrow says

    Malaysia looks so cheap

  17. Naseer Rana says

    Sumgun milk shake ki nahi iii video

  18. Myer Travels says

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