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What's Unique About You or Your Business – Things to Consider When Building Your Brand

What's Unique About You or Your Business – Things to Consider When Building Your Brand

What are you: the first, the best, or different in the market place? What makes you distinct from your competitors? Branding is all about differentiation, uniqueness, and standing out from the rest. Whether it's a product or a service what is it that you do that sets you apart? Is your product a notch better than the rest in the market or is it the only one of its kind in the market. Either way you will attract buyers.

Your business should have that typical appeal that's unique to you. Remember that branding targets the perceptions of the consumer about your product or services. Your branding may start with you, it may talk about you; but the target is: how your products or services are going to be useful to the customer. So bring out your unique talents, skills, competencies, and habits and package them keeping the customer in mind to form a solid brand. It's worth remembering what Warren Buffet has said in this regard: Your premium brand had better being delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business.

Be Ethical

Do not forget the basic ethical values ​​in your pursuit of actualizing the "American Dream". Remember that the "American Dream" is that all prosperity and success has strong roots in "goodness". Nowhere does it divorce itself from ethical values. Success that comes through ethical practices is enduring. Unethical businesses fade away humiliatingly sooner or later. That's why ethics now forms a part of business courses.

Actually success in business is pretty simple. It's all about delivering something good and useful to people, provided that the methods employed in business are morally acceptable and legal at all stages. Good business extremely boils down to conforming to core human values. Good businesses are based on trust and good will. Delivering what is promised, caring for peoples' needs, honesty, sincerity, and genuine politeness are always appreciated. People will make you rich in return for your good business policies. Simple.

The world is just and fair. Majority of our citizens are always looking for heroes, exemplary personalities, and exceptional deeds in all walks of life, including business. They are ready to glorify merit, worship honest achievers, and follow in their footsteps. At the same time they do not hesitate to punish fraud in business.

Delivering a fabulous product is not enough. Your brand should be based on strong and sound ethical values. Promise only as much as you can deliver. Let your brand stand on good business practices. Be a Warren Buffet, and not a Martha Stewart.

After you have decided on what your product or service is going to be make sure that the methods employed are legal and ethical. You have to be ethical to build a good brand – it's not at all preachy, this is based on hard facts from the world of business.


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