WhatsApp Updates Calling Features With Screen Sharing And More


WhatsApp is upgrading its video-calling features to better compete with platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet. The Meta-owned platform is introducing screen sharing capabilities, allowing users to share their screens for activities like watching videos together, troubleshooting technical issues, or sharing content that’s not easily shareable through other means. This feature also supports audio sharing, enabling seamless conversations while viewing shared screens.

In addition to screen sharing, WhatsApp has expanded its participant limit for video calls to 32 people. This increase is a significant jump from the previous limit of eight participants, which was implemented in 2020. The new participant cap applies across all platforms, making WhatsApp a more robust option for larger group calls and meetings.

WhatsApp icon.
Image: Nyoman Suartawan / Pixabay

Another key enhancement is the speaker spotlight feature. This update prioritises the active speaker by placing their image prominently in the row of participants, making it easier to identify who is speaking.

WhatsApp has also upgraded its call quality with the recent adoption of the MLow codec, which utilises a new compression technology designed to reduce noise and echo, providing clearer audio during calls. Additionally, video calls will now stream in higher resolution if the user’s network can support it.

(Source: WhatsApp [official blog])

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