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Which is More Fashionable – White Gold Or Yellow Gold?

Which is More Fashionable – White Gold Or Yellow Gold?

Belonging to the old school, elegant, always holding a graceful and wealthy touch, gold has impressed ladies through its brightness. But thanks to the alloys used, the color of this classic metal can change. From now on, only the laws of fashion will decide upon the most interesting hue of this metal.

More and more ladies have asked themselves what hue is representative for them. The fashion specialists have tried to make them understand that the key is their complexion. A lady with a darker skin will look a lot better with some yellow gold rings or bracelets. The jewelry will glitter on a tanned skin, getting you closer to the image of the famous beautiful queen, Cleopatra.

Not the same thing may be said about the ladies with rose cheeks and a very white complexion. For them, white gold will just go hand in hand with their skin, while the classical, elegant, yellow gold will just help them look pale and tired.

Another unwritten rule for these two types of gold takes into consideration the color of the clothes. Yellow gold will ideally go with brown, black, grey, orange or dark red on the one hand and with the pastel shades on the other. For the white gold, the colors must be bright. Grey and creamy, pink or bright red are just some possibilities.

Moreover, do not forget about the precious stones which are going to be encased in the yellow or white metal. The bright, yellow gold is highlighted by rubies or amethyst. The white, silver-like gold is ideal for diamonds.

But no matter what these rules say, fashion dictates. Starting from 1990`s the white gold has became the most fashionable one. It has started from the USA. The American considered that this metal stands for elegance. Its counterpart, the yellow gold began to loose ground.

There is a list of reasons in favour of the white metal. It is preferred by the younger clients and it offers a younger look. It is cheaper than platinum. It may be matched with any clothes and it adds a taste of elegance, like a dewdrop, without ruining the general image. It is more resistant than the yellow gold. It seems almost ideal. And a lot of ladies believe it. Buy gold and see for yourself! And if you regard it as an investment, buy bullion; of course, gold bullion!


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