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Who Is Adam Short?

Who Is Adam Short?

Should you Google the name “Adam Short,” images of a young man in probably his late 20’s would pop up. Alongside these photos would be articles, training guides, and success stories about his triumphs as an Internet marketing guru. Most of the reviews would emphasize the fact that he only preaches what he himself has tried, and has reportedly made thousands of dollars in earnings monthly.

But like everybody else, Adam Short had his share of humble beginnings. He started in 2003 as a Marketing Analyst at Overture, Inc. – the first pay-per-click online search engine. There he started to take a keen interest in the potential of the Internet as a venue to make money. He began investing in e-commerce books that showed him how to create simple looking websites that had rich content. He also studied Search Engine Optimization on his own. Six months later, Adam Short was able to afford quitting his day job.

In one if his interviews though, he states that the entry point to his business was not easy at all. He hit a few stumbling blocks along the way and was only able to get a break when he wrote on e-book about irritable bowel syndrome – a topic that a lot of people were reading up on. He created a one – page website around the keywords related to the subject that basically asked visitors to sign up for a series of e-mailed reports. Soon as he obtained their e-mail addresses, he would then turn around and offer the e-book he made. The rest is history.

To date, he has over 100 websites to his name, all of them earning somewhere between $400 to $20,000 per month. Adam Short is now known for being the creator of the Niche Profit Classroom.

What is Niche Profit Classroom?

Basically, he shows you in more than 150 high definition videos how to build a profitable business online. A lot of people who are already in the program have attested to how surprised they are with the way Adam breaks down into laymen’s terms seemingly techy procedures. Profiles of Niche Profit Classroom’s followers go as old as 65 to 70 of age.

Adam Short makes sure you learn how to do the following:

1. Pick Hot Niche Markets to tap.

2. Build basic, yet effective websites based on effective keywords.

3. Start promoting the site.

And that’s not where it ends. Reviews about Niche Profit Classroom’s sales support team are also noticeable everywhere. Aside from being competent, you can also expect quick response time from their helpdesk. They also have blogs and webinars that tackle latest updates in the SEO world. Their aim is to guide their members as they adapt with the many changes and upgrades in the industry. The subscription also gives you usage of Adam Short’s tools for success such as the Money Matrix Keyword Picking Tool that he is popular for.

To prove his confidence in his theories, Adam Short even has a trial offer of $1 that allows you full access to his site for 14 days.


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