Who Is The Controversial Twitter User Ian Miles Cheong & Why Are Malaysians After Him?


If you’re an avid Twitter user, you may have seen the name Ian Miles Cheong pop up on your feed – even if you don’t follow him. The Twitter user has popped up in the news time and time again for unsurprisingly controversial comments – but who exactly is Ian?

For a long time, international and local netizens have been outraged over the comments by the Ipoh-based political influencer. Many accused Ian of disseminating divisive and controversial content on Twitter. The criticism started getting stronger after local netizens noted Ian’s aggressive support for Israel amidst the ongoing war. Following his comments, Malaysians began urging local authorities to take legal action against Ian under the Sedition Act for expressing views that could potentially cause discord among communities in the country. With the Palestinian-Israeli conflict holding a significant interest in Malaysia, many believe the authorities should investigate him for his comments.

SOURCE: TWITTER (@stillgray)
SOURCE: TWITTER (@CensoredMen)
SOURCE: TWITTER (@CensoredMen)

Interestingly, despite being Malaysian, the influencer only engages in American and European political discourses and avoids commenting on Malaysian politics. Many locals who have engaged with his content are typically surprised to discover that Ian is Malaysian and has reportedly never been outside the country. This fact made many curious about his background and how he became famous as an online political commentator.

A Twitter thread by the account Censored Men brings more insight into Ian’s background and political influencer career. The user revealed that Ian’s inclination to post about Western politics is motivated by monetary benefits. The account adds that Ian understands that he can profit more from writing about American politics versus Malaysian politics because the former won’t affect him. In addition to his problematic tweet, Ian has engaged in various illegal activities throughout his online career. Censored Men claims that Ian has a history of doxxing, fabricating false allegations of rape and murder and submitting false police reports without evidence. 

Censored Men also touched on Ian’s pro-Israel tweets, claiming that the Twitter user may have posted them for monetary benefits rather than personal views. There is also the allegation that Ian posted the tweets due to his employment with Rebel News, a right-leaning, pro-Israeli Canadian news organisation. However, Ian has since deleted his pro-Israel tweets. Many believed this was due to a reported investigation by local police. 

SOURCE: TWITTER (@CensoredMen)
SOURCE: TWITTER (@CensoredMen)

As of reporting, Ian is still active on Twitter and regularly comments on international news. However, netizens still hope the local authorities will take stricter action against the Twitter user.

Sources: New Straits Times, Twitter (1)(2)

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