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Why Directories Are Becoming So Important

Why Directories Are Becoming So Important

Directories Are More Efficient at Getting the Desired Results than Search Engines

Measured by how many clicks it took seekers to find what they were looking for, yellow pages were more efficient. On average, consumers used 4.6 clicks to find local results. With search engines, users took 7.6 clicks on average.

Preference for Directories in Organic Listings

Many search engines are giving higher placements in their rankings or organic listings to quality directories that fit many of the more popular keyphrases that people use to search for resources. This has been especially appropriate in certain markets for plural keyphrases. Now they are driving a volume of search engine traffic to directories that fit a market niche and match popular keyphrases in almost every industry.

As a result, more targeted directories are starting to be created to take advantage of this opportunity. Now there are opportunities for directories for local communities, market segments, vertical industries, associations, and special interest groups. They also create more opportunities for websites listed in these directories to get increased traffic, exposure, and extremely sales.

Traditional Website Listings vs. Online Yellow Page Listings

Traditionally a directory must choose between a traditional listing format or a yellow page format. A traditional listing format must have a website address associated with the listing. Since it is estimated that still only 50% of businesses have a website, this format limits your directory listing to only website listings.

A Yellow Page format listing does not require a website address. It is more focused on contact information but does not require a website in order to be listed. Search engines have typically listed the traditional directory listing format in their organic search results. Because of their convergence and online yellow page markets, both listing formats are starting to be offered by search engines and directories. However these separate listing formats are located either on separate sections of the listing page or separate pages.

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