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Why Do Business Plans Not Work?

Why Do Business Plans Not Work?

Today very rarely do you come across a well written business plan. It is also rare that you get to see an effective business planning process in high-tech businesses. Plans generally fail since they are very secretive, or a bit too long, or there are too many words, or little too complex, too detailed, poorly organized and so on.

There are many ways through which a marketing engineer can help you out in making an effective business plan.

It can improve the communication level between the departments. It can also force the entire staff to get together and work on the business plan. It is simpler to develop and implement the measurement based system. They make sure that the plans are based on the market position of the company and not on guesses and whims.

Their monitoring process makes sure of effective implementation. The marketing engineer can work like a navigational tool and help plotting an effective course towards the goal. They can adopt a very simple and basic template that takes very little time to create and approve. It can optimize the impact right to the bottom line.

All the strategies are segmented by the departments and products also are driven by trends in Market Engineering measurements, where obviously the engineer can help. Measuring the effect of the strategy is made easier.

But there are a few things that must be kept in mind and need to be accepted when the plan is handled by a marketing engineer. This includes the integration of all the departments and the participation of all the staff and that the market position currently is identified with market engineering measurements.

You must clearly identify the goals with market positioning. There should also be competitive measurements of the position. An annual customer analysis must be carried out. You must use a clear and fair measurement based template. Each and every person should be aware of his / her role in aiming at and achieving the goals of the company.

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Source by Dixita Dutt

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