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Why is an Executive Summary So Important to Your Business Plan?

Why is an Executive Summary So Important to Your Business Plan?

The Executive Summary is an overview about your business. It is one of the first sections in your business plan. It is generally about a half page to a page in the half.

The Executive Summary has eight main sections that are the:

Introduction / Overview
Management Team
Production and Delivery
Target Market
Goals and Objectives

Please note: that the Target Market section has a subsection, the Competitive Position.

Also the good thing about writing an Executive Summary is that you do not have to include all of the sections in your summary. You should only include the ones that are relevant to the type of business you have.

For example , if you have a service business, you may not need to include the Production and Delivery section. This is because you have a service business and not an actual product to deliver to your customers.

The Introduction / Overview tells who your business is and what your business is about.

The Company Direction is what your company or business plans on accomplishing in the near future.

The Management Team is the people that manage the company. These are the key players who are running the company.

The Product / Service Strategy is what your products / services are and the plans for the future products / services.

The Production and Delivery is how and where your products are produced and the delivery is how you plan to get them to your customers.

The Target Market is the specific demographic of people you are marketing.

The Goals and Objectives are the plans for your business. These are the items you plan on completing somewhere between 6 months and 5 years.

The Finances are how you plan to pay for your business in start up, the day to day operations and in the future.

The Executive Summary is so important to your business plan, because it sums up the general idea about what your business is about. And it gives the people reading a general brief executive overview about the details of your business.


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