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Why Is Barbeque Grilling So Popular In Singapore?

Why Is Barbeque Grilling So Popular In Singapore?

Singapore, like many other vibrant cities in South East Asia, is a melting pot of races. With a diverse international and local population, it is really amazing how the authentic Singapore food culture has been influenced and re-shaped by different culinary traditions over the years.

One of its highly regarded and notably most enjoyed food culture is grilling or doing a barbeque where a unique blend of Western, Malay and Chinese contribution has helped place it to the top lists of "must do" activities in Singapore.

Doing a barbeque is so popular in Singapore because of a lot of factors. One of the most probable and also one of the most obvious reasons is the weather. Singapore weather offers barbeque enthusiasts almost 80% to 90% of sunny days throughout the year that of course, is not possible in Western countries like the USA, Canada as well as countries in Europe and Australia. In Singapore, you can actually have a barbeque every week!

Singapore also provides a lot of outdoor barbeque locations such as the one in East Coast and many others where there are public barbeque pits that people can use. Condominiums and other residential places usually have their own common shared barbeque equipment that fits well for some barbeque parties and get-together.

Another sure-fire inclusion to the list of reasons why barbeque is so popular in Singapore is because of its local barbeque tradition that is accredited and appreciated by many. All over the world, grilled satays (Malay origin) and smoked duck (Chinese origin) as well as many authentic South East Asian barbeque dishes are served in overseas restaurant and shops. People from different parts of the world enjoy these grilled food but when they come and live in Singapore, they discover the real authentic taste and flavors thereby prompting them to learn and really try grilling it on their own and enjoy it with family and friends.

The third, and most important reason for barbeque grilling being so popular in Singapore is because of its people. Foreign nationalities living in Singapore like the Americans, Aussie, and Europeans as well as the local Singaporeans (a rare but lasting harmony of races composed of Chinese, Indians and Malays) all share their country's long flourishing barbeque and grilling traditions, that in some ways similar yet in many ways, complementing its differences. For people living in Singapore, a lot of which are not originally from here, doing barbeque is like a piece of home that reminds them of it.

Singapore's barbeque enthusiasts grill together with family and friends. They share their own individual daily experiences over a pit of charcoal fire, drink some sodas, beer and wines, and just enjoy their time in doing barbeque. Adults and kids alike enjoy the relaxing fun times thought about by doing barbeque while at the same time savoring that intrict, delicious taste of barbeque foods that only grilling can provide. Barbeque bonding time for families and friends is very popular and important for a lot of people in Singapore that they even organized barbeque clubs and friend circles that plans and schedules barbeque gatherings.

In a bustling, highly progressive and competitive city such as Singapore, it has become more and more evident through the years that for one to be able to cope with a fast-paced sometimes stressful everyday living, one has to have his own way of di -stressing himself and getting away from the busy hustles thought about by work and personal daily issues. To be able to recharge and relax, one may need to have that daily R & R, sometimes without the need of leaving the comfort of their own homes. For many in Singapore, that's where barbeque and grilling comes in. I can smell some grilled barbeque foods already, lah!


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