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Why Islamic Art Can Also Be Contemporary Art

Why Islamic Art Can Also Be Contemporary Art

Art that was produced after the Second World War is called Contemporary art. Most museums and galleries have collections of contemporary art exhibited. Similarly, Islamic Art is also considered contemporary if it was produced after World War II. Contemporary Islamic Artwork includes calligraphy, paintings, prints & photography, glass work, sculptures, ceramics and furnishings. The key feature that differentiates it from various other categories is the utilization of the Arabic script and geometric designs.

Art lovers regardless of religion, culture or creed all view Islamic contemporary artwork with respect for the intricate design by the artists. Various Non Muslim countries are also putting work by Islamic artists on display as it depicts the rich and vivacious traditions of Islam. This form not only represents the religion Islam, instead, when added to other forms of art, it enhances them as well. The calligraphy is employed by many western artists also, as it perks up the concept that is being depicted in the artwork.

A large collection of Islamic contemporary Artwork is on display at the British Museum in London. It represents over 80 Islamic artists from all over the world. These artists come from countries ranging from Iraq to Algeria and Turkey to Malaysia. The British Museum is primarily centered towards fascinating pieces based on different variations of the Arabic script. They have been collecting pieces since the early 1980's and today have a huge collection available for their patrons.

Los Angeles Museum is another prime example of a western museum displaying art by Islamic artists. It also has a large collection of Islamic artwork and part of it is contemporary. This Museum houses over 1,700 pieces ranging from the seventh to the thirteenth century; therefore a number of contemporary pieces are also available. Due to the abundance of the collection, and limited space availability, only 150 pieces are on display at the LA Museum, and people in the Los Angeles area should take advantage of the exhibition and familiarize them with the magnificent work by various Islamic artists. These are just a few of the shows of art by Muslim artists, but all are a must see.

Contemporary Islamic Art can be divided into sub categories based on their area of ​​origin. The main sub divisions are: Arab, Orient, Egypt, Iraqi and Lebanese. All these different types vary from each other in terms of having a unique blend of Islamic art mixed with the cultural differences that creating an exclusive new form. Many artists approach the traditional geometric designs and Arabic scripts intermingling with the various Middle Eastern cultures to convey the message of the artist to the admirers.

Over time contemporary Islamic art has evolved and encompasss the richness of the traditional style as well as the intricacies of modern day art. The Islamic artists have reached an epitome of creativity on paper, canvas and sculpture. This mélange of religion, culture and art are a pleasure to look at and exudes vibrancy for the onlookers.


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