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Why Online Marketing Seems So Difficult

Why Online Marketing Seems So Difficult

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Why online marketing looks so difficult.

In my judgment success online is difficult because it requires direction, diligence and focus. In addition online marketing has a steep learning curve that takes a lot of time to master.

There is also a tremendous amount of competition online. It is a world of short attention spans; everyone seems to be looking for instant gratification.

Success in any endeavor takes time and effort. Your marketing path starts with learning a set of skills that are measurable and repeatable.

Kevin Hokoana of Networking-Insight suggests learning five key online skills.

  • Learn to buy domain name and webhosting from a company such as Hostmonster.
  • Learn how to FTP (file transfer protocol) your files to your website using a program such as Filezilla.
  • Learn to build a landing page and a sale page using a program such as Dreamweaver or NVU.
  • Learn to write a sales page. This is where you make your product or service offer.
  • Get an auto responder such as Aweber to immediately send e-mail messages to customers.

As you apply these skills online marketing you will begin to see results that are equal to how well you master the five basic skills.

On your path to online marketing success it's important to set goals and objectives that are measurable.

The fastest way to build your customer list is to create a targeted "solo ad". The solo ad has two parts, a headline and body copy. The headline is the attention getter and the body is the compelling reason to opt in to your list. You will learn how to create a solo ad and where to find solo ad list companies as a member of Networking-Insight.

After your solo ad runs you will need to evaluate the results. One of the best tools to measure your results is with Hypertracker. This program records the number of clicks, opt ins, cost per click and the number of ads sent out.

Online marketing requires continual improvement and testing. Changing one word in a headline may dramatically. You may want to adjust the body copy or find another list vendor increasing response. Make whatever adjustments you need and continue down the path of online marketing success.

A short cut to building your online marketing skills is to find a mentor or coach who is successful marketing online. Your mentor can help you bridge the learning gap and save you time, money and the costly mistakes.

What makes a good online marketing mentor?

  • Knowledgeable in your niche
  • Passionate about your subject
  • Has successful results in your discipline
  • Provided step by step instruction
  • Interested in you as a person
  • Driven to help you be successful
  • Easy to contact
  • Responds to your questions in a timely manner
  • Explains techniques and strategies in simple language

Perhaps you are thinking where do I find an online marketing mentor? My recommendation is my mentor Kevin Hokoona.

I'll see you in the front row of online marketing success

Until next time.


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