Why people don't travel to China


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  1. @OverTheTop112 says

    The view looks like it got gassed by mustard gas

  2. @davidchana962 says

    make sure the food is REAL… as fake as Subway is that was prob your last actual meal 😂😂

  3. @xo_gaurav_singh_ says

    So why people don't travel to China ?

  4. @neonatis9329 says

    Bangkok is Thailand buddy

  5. @damin9913 says

    People keep thinking china is this wonderful place and its really not they are very rude folks but people will not tell you that

  6. @averyintelligence says

    everything about this video is annoying

  7. @user-qp4np4ve1b says

    I would love to visit unfortunately I’m active on social media for my disdain of the CCP and I would probably be deported or locked up

  8. @Sly_cptn says

    Click baiting

  9. @Mystic_Edge says

    Yeah people these days still use clickbait

  10. @paintslinger2009 says

    If your near a smog fan stay near it if not get a job😂 (double dragon quote)

  11. @paintslinger2009 says

    If your near a smog fan stay near it if not get a job😂 (double dragon quote)

  12. @Benieg83 says

    ……Also the communism.

  13. @ullisim2008 says

    Just to suck you in and get more views this lady is incredibly heartless in my opinion I expect her to talk about how visitors arriving in China getting trumped up charges as spies 😡😡😡

  14. @nimaalam2562 says

    Bro used a random title generator and put it on this video 💀

  15. @aestheticlou6208 says

    This is why you should not trust American's fake news

  16. @UWULOVESYOU1 says

    She saying theres no reasons

  17. @larylorry5205 says

    Title “why people don’t travel to china” continues to rant and and talk about nothing related to the question🤦‍♂️

  18. @domwings4329 says

    I hate your voice

  19. @Di_yay says

    Everything about you hella annoying including your voice and accent

  20. @biggs9702 says

    Won’t u juss stay there

  21. @NotMelodyRobloxYT says

    Why always anti-china?? China is a great country I visited it

  22. @4goode1234 says

    Maybe her english isnt so good because the caption is not relevant

  23. @Broken_Butterfly_ says


  24. @tacobrovo says

    Look at the sky – smog. Breathe in the pollution and guess what later in life you have lung cancer.

  25. @BouncyStickman says

    Oh, woe is me!
    Those are all manufactured problems, you manufactured them…

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