Will Asia Dominate the West?


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Explore the potential rebound of Southeast Asian markets in this video. Discover why analysts predict a turnaround, investment opportunities, and how you can benefit. Join us as we delve into the market dynamics and consider Southeast Asia for investment and residency purposes.

00:00 Start
00:43 Analysis of market conditions over the last 5 years
Factors Contributing to the Potential Rebound
5:07 Investing in Emerging Market
6:49 Investing in Southeast Asian markets
8:17 Investment Opportunities and Access to Markets
14:17 Investing in Southeast Asian Markets for Residency Purposes

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  1. @NguyenThanhVanHau says

    Cyberopolis stands out in the crowded crypto space. A real gem!

  2. @keirenle says

    Whether Asia can over take western world economically is not just down to China. Europe and America do enough damage to their own economies to solidify the projectory

  3. @madayanmuttal886 says

    He is a racist. He keep skipping India!

  4. @mikexhotmail says

    One works 12 hours a day while one complaining about 9to5 and prefer 4days a week
    Ps. Sooner or later 😁

  5. @mowgli5837 says

    Misleading Title. You said Asia in Title. 😢😢

  6. @RyanTeo says

    I think Andrew brings up many good points about investing in markets that are unfamiliar to a Western audience. Great video as usual!

    However, just to play the devil's advocate, I think many people need to do their due dilligence and be aware of the risks.

    I think many people will remember the CLOB saga in 1998 (aftected many Singaporean investors). This was during the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

    I have read that recently, condominiums in Bangkok are becoming not as attractive due to over-supply. There are also various operational issues if people want to use it as rental property.

    In addition, investors who are looking for higher returns also need to factor in currency exposure risks. If you have high returns, but you lose due to the currency depreciating and other associated costs, the returns in the end may not make sense or be that attractive.

    Just my 2 cents 😅

  7. @rafawojciechowski5146 says

    Thailand is still very corrupted place

  8. @goyanka01 says

    India? It is also part of Asia.

  9. @antelopelol2865 says

    Indian CEOs already dominate the top tech industries. We have our PMs in countries like the UK and Ireland, also VP in the US. The future belongs to us. We will get back our $45 trillion dollars back from the UK.

  10. @passportandbeer says

    Would love your view on Myanmar ongoing revolution on the dictatorship military junta and the implications of investing once they are overthrown

  11. @marcophuket2182 says

    Singapore is a great hub from where you can have a great view of the the south east Asian market .
    Doe to banking limitations Thailand and Thai Bhat only interesting for local market .
    I think next country to consider is Vietnam .
    Cina & HK will rebound .
    India is on the run already .
    I chose Thailand as domicile since 15 years and move around global .

  12. @emil.jansson says

    As the Sun sets on the Eurocentric world order, I find that I feel hopeful for what this brave new world can offer. I am open minded and I am happy to stand before the dawn of a new paradigm. Don't be afraid folks, because with change comes new opportunities. The industrial revolution isn't close to over; it's in full swing. Go to Bangladesh, Inida, etc.

  13. @xa3558 says

    Thank you !

  14. @lidefsomar5291 says

    South East Asia is so friendly competitive.

  15. @stephenwatson672 says

    The hospitality stock shot up because people are traveling again. I looked up YTO and it gave a weird volatile stock that shock to 6 dollars from one dollar twice. Now it’s low to one dollar again. YTO International Express and Supply Chain Technology Limited (6123.HK)

  16. @georgewilson7706 says

    Literally every person in the know is talking about this.

  17. @sungjane says

    "Semiconductor raw materials are prohibited from being exported to China."

  18. @Mr11ESSE111 says

    they already dominate,everything comes from there frim electronic,parts ,maybe food only not

  19. @TheJohnnyJohnny says

    Question: Will Asia Dominate the West?


    That is the wishful thinking for those who suffers inferiority complex and also a false cause for those who suffers superiority complex.

    As an Asian I do not wish to dominate anyone in any parts of the world. I just wish people of all colour and ethnicity view each other as a normal person or a fellow human and not being judgemental to each other.

  20. @whatiswrongpeople says

    Nope US already does😂😂

  21. @josephguo6256 says

    zero interest as west is not important anymore.

  22. @robertgittings8662 says

    Southeast Asia Not Asia

  23. @user-mr2ix3nq3k says

    USA Government and Western 😘🥳🎭🎮🔥💣🤯☠️💀🦴🦅⚰️👻
    Asia & China government 😘🥳🤝🕊️🏗️🧱🏢🏙️🌆🌃🌇🌉🌁🚄🚅🚆🚇🚈🚝🛤️🛣️🚍🚗🚙🛳️⛴️🚢✈️🚀🛰️Chinese 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😘🧳🎡🎢🏟️🏔️⛰️🏞️🏕️🏖️🏜️

  24. @apakansaja8505 says

    Thanks to Russia, Asia already dominating the West. Lets humour them just a little bit more time until they wake up from their cadtles and beautiful garden and realise its all but a joke

  25. @tonywyli says

    USA sucks

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