Woman Claims Going Braless For 7 Years Didn’t Result In Sagging Boobs


For many women, wearing a bra is considered an essential step to dressing up – and some would even spend hundreds of ringgit to find the right bra for them. However, what happens if you stop wearing a bra? A Taiwanese woman decided to test this out and began skipping a bra every day for seven years. 

According to the post originated from Dcard, the woman had worn a bra every single day since she hit puberty, even wearing it to sleep. She even said that not wearing a bra outside can make her feel self-conscious and uneasy. However, one day, the college student suddenly wanted to forego bras, which started her seven-year journey.


Since she began skipping underwear, the woman admitted that she is no longer self-conscious of her braless appearance. After seven years, the woman said her breast shape had hardly changed, even being amazed by their condition. In her post, she said she had no issues with sagging breasts after going braless and added a few images to prove her point. The woman also encouraged other women to follow in her footsteps, especially if they wanted to avoid sagginess.

The now-deleted post sparked a heated discussion amongst female netizens, sharing mixed responses to the woman’s claims. While some had positive feedback to share and even complimented the woman, others called her bluff and said that skipping a bra would not affect breasts sagging. Some also claimed that her breasts are still perky because of her young age.

  • “I’m not sure. You’re not in your 50s. You’re not old. Of course, you’re not droopy.”
  • “It’s your freedom not to wear bra, but don’t instill in women the idea of ​​not wearing undergarment.”
  •  “It depends on what you think is more comfortable.”
  •  “The cause of sagging is due to age, weight gain and loss, and the number of pregnancies. It has nothing to do with bra.”
  • “This is really related to the natural breast shape.”

While some experts have encouraged going braless to help reduce sagginess, most studies have been inconclusive. Ultimately, the decision to not wear a bra falls on the woman and her comfort – but what do you think about the post? Do you agree or disagree with the woman’s claims?

Source: Dcard

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