Woman Gets Flak For Exposing Private Hospital Intern For Seducing Friend’s Husband


We’ve been hearing a lot of instances of women exposing their cheating husbands recently – and in most cases, both the husband and the mistress get called out. However, when this woman exposed the mistress of her friend’s husband, she got slammed for “picking sides”.

A Twitter user by the name of Raja Athirah recently posted about a young woman who she claims has been seducing her friend’s husband. The woman, Aqila, is supposedly an intern at Assunta Hospital. The netizen also shared the mistress’ social media accounts, which have been made private. According to Athirah, not only is Aqila proud of the affair, but she has also fought back when asked about the affair by the wife.


Athirah also included a few more screenshots of her conversations with her friend about the affair, as well as conversations between the wife and Aqila. In one tweet, the wife revealed that the husband and mistress have been using her credit card for their dates and other miscellaneous spending. The wife did confront Aqila about paying her back for using the credit card, but the woman seemed unremorseful about everything. According to the wife, the card has a RM27,000 credit limit and has been used up.

It is unknown when the affair happened or if it’s ongoing, but the Twitter thread has since received tons of responses from netizens. Many were appalled by the actions of Aqila and the husband, calling them out for their shamelessness. Many also mocked the husband, calling him out for using his wife’s credit card to treat his mistress. As Aqila is an employee of Assunta, many have also urged the wife to lodge a report about misconduct to the hospital HR, especially if the husband is also a hospital employee.

However, Athirah also received hate from netizens who thought it was wrong of her to expose the mistress but not the man. They argued that both were part of the affair, so the husband should receive his part of the blame for his actions. In a separate tweet, Athirah explained that she refrained from exposing the man out of concern for her friend’s daughter. She said that exposing his identity would negatively affect the child, who is innocent in this situation. Athirah added that she would’ve exposed him as well if it wasn’t for her friend and the daughter.


As of writing, Athirah and her friend are still pursuing the woman, demanding her to pay back the money she owed from using the credit card. The Twitter user also said she would take down the tweets once Aqila had paid back all the money.

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