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Women In Business

Women In Business

The alarm goes off, but you don’t hear it, so you wake up late. Not only are you late, the children are late. Unfortunately no one is prepared to leave shortly after walking up because showers were not taken the night before. Nor were clothes laid out. Your feet have barely touched the floor and you have obstacles in your path already. When your morning begins this way remaining calm the remainder of the day is a challenge. From this moment you are making an attempt to play catch up.

The thought of catching up is like a vapor in the wind. The upside of this scenario you are your own boss so you are not running the risk of being fired. However, you may be late to an important meeting for a potentially new client. Your thoughts are if you close this deal this would be big for the company. Now the pressure is back on. Especially since you were up all night finalizing your presentation; the presentation that may not see the light of day because YOU’RE LATE.

Your hair is disheveled and the suit you were going to wear smells quite musty. The children are in the next room fighting over who knows what, but it is grating a nerve because you have pulled a ruin in your stockings and you are not feeling too confident about the bird bath you just took.

Skipping breakfast is a no-no as your stomach has already sound the alarm of emptiness. You are cutting corners this morning not checking for washed faces or brushed teeth, while showing a pop tart in each child’s hands.

Normally your route takes 30 minutes, but leaving one minute late adds at least 15 minutes to the trip with ease. As you load the children up, the dog will have to wait til you return around lunch for his walk and water. Please don’t use the carpet is one of your many prayers.

As you back out of the drive way you yell, “You better have your seat belts on!” And you notice you have to stop and get gas. Scrambling for your cell phone to make the round of calls relaying how apologetic that you are running behind. You direct your assistant to begin getting your guests settled in with coffee and small talk til you arrive.

You arrive at the gas station ready to fill ‘er up only to discover, your card can not be found. Oh no! Alright, there is a five dollar bill in the arm rest that will at least get you one way. Finally you’re on the road ready to drop the kids off and there is an accident causing traffic delays due to rubber necking. Now that your 30 minute trip has been turned into an hour long trip now you are above flustered. You glance down at your watch, double taking, you are cutting it close. You need to be in front of your potential clients shortly.

Let’s stop here and inhale then exhale. This example is one of many scenarios women in business face. Finding balance is great and on a normal day this woman may have it. On this day however, she is off balanced. She has a very important meeting and things have gone terribly wrong since before she got out of bed. A good guess would be that she is in a very emotional state at this point. If she is not able to get herself together she will break down in tears during this very important meeting if anything goes wrong.

The events of her morning could not be avoided. These were normal things that take place to anyone however her nerves are higher because of an important meeting. She placed a lot of value on this meeting so everything that happened was directly impacted causing it to be larger than life as a result.

Before she goes in her meeting she would benefit from having a few steps in place to help regain her balance setting her up for a successful presentation whether they sign on or not. Here are some tips to exercise to put you in a better frame of mind in critical times like these.

First go into a room alone, preferably your office and close your eyes, sitting or standing is fine just be still. Breathe in and think positive thoughts knowing you are doing your best. Exhale and put the day’s events in perspective. This would be a great time for an affirmation that empowers you. Talk to yourself about how you perform when you are at your best performance level. Then take that woman into the meeting.

This article does not imply that you will not feel emotional. What is being said, is that you need to schedule your release and the method. Besides in business no matter how long the account is, always be in the position to walk away from the deal. At the end of such a high pressured day give yourself a treat to reward yourself. Oh yeah and give yourself permission to snuggle up to a favorite blanket and cry. Just do not take those emotions to the office with you. Doing business emotionally is a fast way to sign the death certificate on your business.

Source by Katherine Y Waddell

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