Women’s coach implemented on MRT Putrajaya Line, starts today – pink markings on platform and in trains


Rapid KL is implementing women’s coaches on the MRT Putrajaya Line starting today, April 8. The pink-marked women’s-only coaches was introduced on the MRT Kajang Line last year. Rapid KL says that women’s-only coaches have been successfully implemented in places such as New Delhi, Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City, among other mega cities.

For those who aren’t already used to women’s coaches, it’s in the middle of the train – part of coaches number two and three with four doors. The platform, platform doors and women’s-only zone in the trains are clearly marked in pink.

With that clear, who is then welcome in the pink coaches? Females of all ages, obviously, but Rapid KL states that boys below 12 years old accompanied by a female guardian are allowed too. As for couples and groups, the lady can ride in the normal coach with her male companion, who is not allowed in the female coach – it’s either this or the couple/group can split up.

However, OKUs and their guardians can are given priority in any coach, women’s or normal. Guys, stay away from the pink zone and ladies, now that you have your own safe space, make the women’s coach your top priority instead of just grabbing any seat available? Let’s all be courteous commuters.

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